5 Reasons to Delegate Your Campaigns to a Social Ads Agency

Are you considering using a social ads agency or are you wondering what the advantages of using one might be? Here are some good reasons to delegate your campaigns to specialized professionals like Digimood.

What is a social ads agency?

A social ads agency is a agency specializing in the creation, management and optimization of advertising campaigns on the various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, …).

It is important to clearly distinguish social ads agencies like Digimood from community management agencies which are generally more generalist agencies which will both offer community management (and their animation) in addition to advertising campaign management services on social networks.

5 good reasons to outsource your campaigns to a social ads agency

1- Delegate account creation and initial campaigns from A to Z

When you get into social media advertising, the hardest part is always getting started.

Defining the strategy, the structuring of the account and the organization of the campaigns / groups of advertisements are key steps not to be missed in order to optimize the profitability of its advertising expenditure..

Working with a social ads agency from the beginning therefore has the advantage of facilitating the launch by outsourcing all these key steps to experts (even if sooner or later the campaigns are managed in-house again).

2- Take advantage of advanced expertise on different social networks

No matter what social network you want to advertise on, managing successful advertising campaigns on social networks cannot be improvisedespecially when it comes to mastering lesser-known advertising platforms, as may be the case for example in the context of TikTok, Snapchat or Pinterest advertisements.

3- Benefit from the experience of experts who work daily for many different clients

One of the advantages of working with an agency specializing in social ads is also to benefit from the expertise acquired by the consultants through all the campaigns previously managed and the (external) budgets already spent.

All of the pre-testing, lessons learned from running other campaigns, and mistakes made on other accounts will help implement best practices faster to optimize ad performance.

By calling on professionals, you save time and often money by not repeating the mistakes that other companies may have made in the past.

4- Save time and save hiring a specialized employee

Outsourcing is often associated with saving time and money for the company. Beyond the time savings generated by the fact of subcontracting part or all of its advertising campaigns on social networks to an external service provider, resorting to subcontracting also avoids in some cases the hiring of a specialized employee and all the associated costs (recruitment costs, employers’ charges, paid holidays, etc.). In the case of small-scale campaigns or one-off operations, outsourcing to an agency will often be more profitable for the company than hiring a qualified employee.

5- Benefit from regular monitoring

One of the advantages of having recourse to a social ads agency to manage its campaigns is also the monthly follow-up which is generally integrated into all the support services. Whether it is carried out monthly or weekly depending on the accounts and the issues, these points are strategic for monitoring, more or less macro, the evolution of performance over time.

This article was written as part of a sponsored partnership with Digimood

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