5 sexual positions to tone the abdomen

5 sexual positions to tone the abdomen

Having sex produces many benefits for emotional health (mainly due to the hormones that the brain releases, related to well-being). But the truth is that, if you practice certain positions regularly, you can also tone your abdomen and thus generate a physical impact.

To do it, you must lie on your back and raise the pelvic area, while your partner is on his knees, supporting you with his arms. By putting all your force into the area you’re holding up, your abdominal muscles will be tensing for the duration of intercourse.

For this position, you must lie down and raise your legs extended over the body of your partner, who is standing. The key to the success of this position is precisely to make force in the abdomen since this way you will be able to maintain a straight body line, which will facilitate the meeting.

This option can be difficult at first, but once you repeat it, you will acquire skills. The idea here is for one of the two people to place their hands on the ground and raise their pelvis, while the other stands behind them, supporting that area of ​​the body. The posture generates the same effect as if you perform exercises such as the one known as “plank”.

This pose is similar to the Wheelbarrow, although the difference here is that instead of your hands, you can rest your forearms on the surface of your choice (floor, table, or any other that is comfortable for you). The work exerted on the abdomen is the same.

For this position, you may need to have a little more flexibility since after sitting on top of your partner, you will have to bring your back backwards, forming an arch while your hands are placed on the ground. As in this case you must also maintain a firm posture, the area that will be tensed the most will be your abdomen.

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