5 times Celia Lora impressed topless

5 times Celia Lora impressed topless

Celia lora She is one of the most sensual models of the artistic medium, and is that the daughter of Alex Lora he has never had the shame of showing himself shamelessly in front of the camera. On more than one occasion it has been seen topless And with this he loves his followers, today we are going to share some of his best photographs as well.

1. Mexican style

One of Lora’s favorite places is Tulum, in Quintana Roo, Mexico. There the rebellious model enjoys the beach, the sun, the sand and above all Party. That is why with this hat she showed how proud she is of her roots.

2. Sexy police

For a photo shoot he posed completely topless in a coffee shop and also with a hat that imitated a sexy police. Her followers were delighted with the snapshot and gave her more than 256 thousand “likes”.

3. In front of the window

An image that left thousands open-mouthed, Celia lived up to her fame and showed her completely naked breasts in front of the sale. Everyone wondered what the passers-by who saw her like this would have thought.

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4. in bed

Here he exposed all his tattoos and boasted that his 36 years maintains an enviable physique.

5. Very sensual

In a delicate lingerie she showed almost nothing for the magazine Chilanga Surf. With her hands she delicately covered her breasts and showed that he knows very well how to pose for the camera.

In the style of Yanet García, Celia lora shows off her curves with tight sports leggings

Celia Lora’s rugged dance where she almost taught too much

Celia Lora drops the zipper of her body and reveals a lot of her boobies


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