5 Tips for Making it Impactful (and 5 Examples)

Create and maintain a professional Instagram feed is strategic for any brand communicating on Instagram. In this article, we offer you examples of types of professional feeds and 5 concrete tips for optimizing your Insta feed, whether you work for a brand or want to optimize and make your Instagram publication feed more professional.

Professional Instagram feed: 5 types of creative feeds

What distinguishes a professional instagram feed of a less worked feed is often the graphic aspect of the latter and the consistency of the publications between them. If there are many types of feeds with a professional look, we have prepared you a selection of 5 styles perfectly suited for use in a professional setting : Let’s go !

1- Diagonal feed:

the diagonal feed style consists of publishing publications with a similar graphic charter at regular intervals in order to create a feed structured by colored diagonals.

2- The vertical (or horizontal) feed:

Similar in spirit to the diagonal feed, the post flow can also be organized in vertical or horizontal lines. In this case, each column or row offers posts in a similar theme and colorway.

This organization of feed is not very recommended because certainly, the overall vision is aesthetic but we can quickly be lost if we take the publications one by one. In addition, it requires posting 3 photos at once for the alignment to be perfect.

3- The checkerboard feed:

the checkerboard format feed is one of the most used types of pro publication feeds because it is very easy to maintain over time. In concrete terms, this involves alternating two distinct types of publications with different but complementary colors. Usually, this type of feed alternates an image post with a text post.

4- Monotheme feed:

the type of monotheme feed is to post only one type of post on your entire Instagram account.

For a photographer, this could be an overview of his portfolio in the form of photos. For an online store, this can mean the recurring sharing of photos of the products sold in use.

The objective is to highlight a signature, whether through the use of a Lightroom preset (filter), or through prominent colors in the image.

5- The feed puzzle:

feed instagram professional puzzle
Example of Insta feed in puzzle format (@st.turbio)

Organize a feed in puzzle format allows you to use the full potential of the feed to split a single image into several posts, the final result of which will be appreciated above all by consulting the feed as a whole from the profile page.

Quite complex to maintain over time on business accounts, this type of feed has the disadvantage of not being very optimized for followers who will see in their publication thread only portions of the more global image at a time , which tends to alter and limit interactions with its audience.

We recommend this type of feed only if you plan to publish mainly in Story and not touch your feed.

How to have a professional Instagram feed? 5 tips

1- Define a graphic charter for your Insta feed

Many Instagram accounts still do not have graphic consistency between the different publications of their Instagram feed. However, for an Instagram post feed to look professional and make visitors want to subscribe, it is strongly advised to define a graphic charter and stick to it over time.

If some template purchasing platforms offer ready-to-use professional Instagram feed templates with different publication templates that fit together well and create a nice Instagram feed, pleasant to consult, the ideal is to design this directly with a graphic designer who will be able to create a completely personalized theme with different publication variants.

2- Schedule your Instagram posts, carousels and videos in advance

schedule instagram post feed
Overview of Swello’s Insta post scheduling interface

Schedule your Instagram posts with dedicated software like Spello participates in the creation and maintenance of a professional Instagram feed.

Scheduling your photos, carousels and videos in advance helps to ensure the continuity and graphic consistency of the publications between them before they are broadcast on the social network.

3- Preview and reorganize your Instagram feed

preview edit feed Instagram Swello
Preview interface of current and scheduled Instagram feed via Spello

Have a harmonious Instagram feed is one of the keys to make it professional and pleasant to consult.

As we saw earlier with a few examples of professional Instagram feeds, a beautiful Insta feed will turn more visitors into followers than a poorly organized and worked flow of publications.

Once the charter has been validated, previewing your feed after scheduling your next posts is essential to control the final rendering of the feed and ensure that it always follows the selected pattern.

Swello not only allows you to preview the Instagram feed with the publications already published but also to preview the rendering of the complete feed after programming the next publications. This feature will help you optimize the rendering of your feed over the long term (you can of course adjust the order of your posts if necessary with a simple drag and drop system).

4- Create engaging posts optimized for Instagram

Beautiful photos and videos are no longer enough today to optimize the feed of an Instagram account.

Number of words in the Instagram caption, adding hashtags, inserting emojis, selecting the best publication date, … are all criteria to take into account to optimize your publications and thus hope to have the most interactions on your publications. .

If the number of interactions may seem less linked to the optimization of the feed as a whole, it nevertheless plays an important role in the image that we have of an Instagram account: the more an account has interactions of quality on its publications, the more it encourages commitment!

quality grade swello

Thanks to Swello Quality Coachconcrete advice and a post optimization rating are visible as soon as the publications are programmed in the form of a rating ranging from E to A.

5- Archive publications

Optimizing an account’s Insta feed isn’t always easy. News or events can “break” the usual editorial line and the graphic charter of the feed.

To avoid the risk of altering the graphic rendering of the entire feed with these sometimes imposed publications, it may be appropriate to use Instagram’s “archive” feature.

Allowing you to archive photos, videos and carousels at the same time, this useful Instagram feature does not delete the post, it simply hides it from visitors, thus optimizing the overall rendering of the post flow when a user views the Instagram profile as a whole.

Finally, the spontaneity of your content should not be neglected. If you want to publish a photo or video that doesn’t match the graphic charter of your feed, it doesn’t matter! Content with high added value for your community remains king.

This article was written by leptidigital as part of a sponsored partnership with Swello

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