5 tips to boost your blog content

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Thousands of blog posts are written and published daily. This poses a question for every copywriter: how do you get traffic and good Google positioning? As’web writing agency and SEO, 1time Position offers advice on your blogging strategy. This advice is based on the agency’s experience, but also a study with more than 1,000 blog writers and branded content specialists, conducted by Orbit Media.

1. Start spending more time on each post

The average time to write a blog post is on average 3 hours and 57 minutes. Unless you are extremely fast, be an expert in your field or write a small article, this is still not enough to write a quality article and to position yourself permanently on strategic keywords. The problem with spending only four hours on a single post is the lack of research. It is almost impossible to conduct in-depth research, synthesize information, and condense key takeaways into 2,000 words in less than four hours.Graph showing drafting time over the years since 2014

One popular option that is counterproductive, however, is to recycle existing content. That is to say, do a Google search on its target keyword, get advice from the best sites, then reformat it without really adding anything new. It is almost impossible to get results.

If you are in an uncompetitive industry or are not expecting results from your blog, it is possible to spend less than 4 hours on your article. Just know that bloggers who spend more than 6 hours per post are almost 40% to achieve good performance against only 26% for bloggers who spend only 2 to 3 hours … It is a bet that these results increase even beyond !

2. Have your content proofread before publishing it.

Most articles are considered flat, boring, or uninteresting. Even if you work on form, substance will remain the determining factor in attracting traffic, converting it and retaining your readership. The content should engage people, inform or entertain your audience! Difficult to answer this question without an outside opinion …

You have just written over 2,000 words. The last thing you want to do is proofread it 20 times to check spelling and grammar or to see if every last sentence matches the tone of your target audience. Remember that 4 out of 10 internet users have a negative perception of a brand when they see spelling errors in its content. External help is therefore welcome.

Spelling and grammar checking tools, or peer proofreading could help improve the quality and targeting of your content!

3. Be interested in and update old content

Writing a top quality blog post takes hours or even days or weeks if it is a complete guide with production quality visuals. With so much time invested in a piece of content, it’s not a good idea to close your eyes and leave the content in its corner. Content is not eternal! Items can become obsolete in just a few weeks. According to the Orbit Media study, more than 35% of content marketers don’t update their content. A costly mistake: Editors who update old content are twice as likely to perform well.

Monitoring your Google Analytics account can improve blog performance, according to the study. This is one of the great performance indicators for blogs. Bloggers who measure the performance of each post are much more likely to report good results. 82% of them regularly consult traffic data.

5 tips to boost your blog content

4. Conduct an effective backlink research

Producing good content in content and form, producing articles regularly and bringing added value to Internet users makes it possible to garner links more effectively than to go fishing at random. Infographics are still big bait to get great quality links.

You have to be creative and imagine what other blogs and content editors might appreciate on your blog: videos, tutorials, visuals, games, free tools… Originality is the strength of content, because you offer exclusivity. According to the study, 85% of people who publish ebooks, studies, and infographics outperform traditional blogs.

Want to create better content that gets noticed? Start developing original posts on unique and trending topics in your niche. You don’t post cookie-cutter content.

5. Start doing what not everyone does

5 tips to boost your blog content

It is tempting to pump content to tell yourself that you are doing what is necessary. It makes you feel good when you click on your blog and see dozens of posts.But, unless you’re actively and smartly doing it, the content is a total waste of time. Even for low traffic keywords, it is necessary to have a successful blogging strategy in place and to write quality articles.

You need a lot of resources, and most people are too stingy or lazy to mobilize them. Good news, because if everyone did it, you’d be stuck in the same position: unable to get ahead of the well-positioned and hooked actors.

This gives you a powerful opportunity to capitalize on what readers (and Google) want to see:

  • Only 11% publish more than 2,000 words : increase your length, but make sure the content is not an empty typo. Actively research sub-themes and add value. No one wants to read 5,000 words if it doesn’t help them solve a problem.
  • Only 1% collaborate with influencers : contact influencers to strengthen your credibility. The advantage here is both the credibility and the increased chances of these influencers to share and link to the content.
  • Only 26% add video content to their articles, and only 7% use audio, but they generate the greatest impacts : For just a few dollars, you can outsource video and audio summaries of your articles to freelancers on UpWork or Fiverr and add immense value for mobile users who love video or want to listen to a podcast.

All of these strategies are listed as the least common tactics among 1000+ bloggers. And not surprisingly, they also rank as the most effective.

Why ? Because they dominate the competition that does not implement these SEO techniques. Want better content, better rankings, and better engagement? Invest in what most content creators don’t know.


With millions of blog posts written, edited and published daily, differentiation remains the best way to see your content take off on the SERP. If there’s just one thing you need to take away from this article, do what other content creators don’t.

  • Spend more time on each post (more research, more presentation, more flow development and more writing).
  • Have several people edit and proofread your work. They’ll catch errors that you just can’t.
  • Start reorganizing your old content. Once you hit the Publish button, your job is far from done.
  • Start producing your own research studies. People love original research. Is it difficult to produce? Duh. Does it take time? Do you know the answer. Is it worth it? The data says yes, unequivocally.
  • Invest time and money in tactics that most content producers don’t: video, audio, influencer awareness, etc.

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