5 types of delicious potato chips that will not affect your health

5 types of delicious potato chips that will not affect your health

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French fries, also called French fries, originate from France and Belgium | Matt Cardy / Getty Images

French fries are one of the most delicious snacks in the world and combine very well with different types of dishes. They are ideal for a movie marathon, or to accompany a delicious hamburger.

The truth is that this food has a bad reputation for not being entirely healthy, however if you prepare it at home and leave it for a few minutes in a very hot quality oil, there is no reason to worry. Of course, it is not an option for every day, but it is something to enjoy from time to time.

Here is a list of five ways to make potato chips. A tip: you can also replace potatoes with bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, among other vegetables.

They are the typical potato chips that we buy in the supermarket, only these are healthier because you cook them. The secret is to use a mandolin to be able to make a very fine cut of the potatoes. Tip: eat them with a spreadable cheese dip, green onion and garlic, seasoned with pepper and curry.

The difference with the classic fries is their cut. These have a thick crescent cut. Some chefs recommend leaving the skin on to give it a more “rustic” look (just make sure your potatoes are well washed, much more in these times of pandemic). Before taking them to the fryer, season them with coarse salt and garlic. When they are ready, you can add cilantro. Tip: accompany with barbecue sauce.

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They are originally from Quebec and very popular in Canada. Melted cheese and gravy are added to the classic fries. A different dish that will undoubtedly make you lick your fingers.

After cutting them and before frying them, coat them with flour and sugar. When you take them out you can sprinkle them with cinnamon. In many cases sweet potato (potato) is used instead of potato.

Most of us would like to have a vending machine for McDonalds-style fries but they are not the healthiest, so in this recipe we leave the key to crisp and tasty. Ideally, the cut of the potatoes should be between one and two centimeters thick, that they are proportionate and that they are similar to have the same cooking time.

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