5 ways the coronavirus is changing romantic dating

5 formas en cómo el coronavirus está cambiando las citas románticas

This is not the best time to think about dating someone.

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Now that the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared to the coronavirus as a pandemic, You may begin to take more seriously everything that is known about this disease so far and most likely you will begin to implement the recommendations given to avoid contagion.

Some of the recommendations given by experts to try to stop the global expansion of the coronavirus has been to keep the population in quarantine, as well as to redouble efforts in their hygiene habits, avoid going to crowded places, try to keep a distance of about 6 feet between person and person and above all, avoid kissing and shaking hands with others.

With these measures, even if we don’t see it, the coronavirus has come to transform the way we relate to others and even in the romantic theme, since there are those who prefer to reject a date or, those who have a partner to be intimate for fear of being infected.

This situation has been raised by Meredith Golden, who is an expert in dating and relationships, which has drawn some conclusions from how the coronavirus has come to rethink the way love encounters occur in times of sanctity crisis.

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5 changes in romantic dates due to the coronavirus

1) People are giving up on dating

If, in itself, people are reluctant to have an appointment with a stranger who they contacted through an application or online, the distrust of doing so has increased since this disease emerged.

2) People are distraught

Many, just by hearing the word coronavirus, experience worry and even anxiety due to the fear that the idea of ​​some catastrophe generates.

3) Less dating, more chat

In these weeks there has been an increase in the use of chats such as FaceTime, as well as an increase in the use of Bumble video.

4) Greeting is uncomfortable

When you are trying to conquer someone, the first thing you do is kiss them, hold their hands and hug them, things that are not being put into practice at the moment for fear of contagion.

5) dating fewer people

If before singles had a wide deck of possibilities to have a date, currently that number is reduced to a minimum in order to have the fewest possible encounters for fear of contracting the coronavirus.

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