5 years ago, Apple apologized for the Mac Pro

Vue du dessus du Mac Pro de 2013

In 2013, Apple released a new cylindrical-shaped Mac Pro. You can find his complete test of the time at 01net. If the beast was well equipped and rather powerful, it was the subject of many reviews for its design, impractical. The computer has even earned an evocative nickname: “the trash can”.

The Mac Pro of 2013 in fact symbolized the entire line of Macs of the time, which, as pointed out our colleagues from MacRumors, was not the best. The design of the machines came before everything else. We were therefore entitled to this cylindrical Mac Pro, with a construction that is certainly pleasing to the eye, but ultimately not very advantageous for professionals.

We were also treated to the famous butterfly keyboard on MacBook, which prompted many users to become accustomed to Apple after-sales service due to recurring malfunctions.

In 2017, Apple then brought together a few journalists for an unprecedented discussion session. During it, then-marketing manager Phil Schiller and software engineering chief Craig Federighi, along with other high-ranking Californians, explained that they had taken their line of Macs on the wrong track. .

Phil Schiller apologized in particular to Mac Pro users:

“The current Mac Pro is, as we have already said, designed in such a way as to diffuse the heat as well as possible. This design limits the possibilities for improvements. For this, we are sorry to have disappointed so many users. We ordered a redesign of the Mac Pro to open up possibilities for improvements in the future.”

At the same time, and to counter the concerns of Mac users, Phil Schiller assured of a “Apple’s total commitment to the Mac, both hardware and software”. He added: “The Mac is central to Apple, as are business users.”

These promises have been kept. The Mac Pro, in 2019, experienced a total turnaround in terms of design, with a new bigger case, more classic, but also much more practical for issues of improvements and component changes.

mac pro spec sheet

Technical sheet Mac Pro 2020 © MKBHD

Let’s also not forget the abandonment of the butterfly keyboard on MacBook, for a return to a more solid scissor key mechanism.

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Finally, since 2020 and the introduction of the change of platform for Apple silicon, Macs have been on the rise. The latest machine, the Mac Studio, with its M1 Ultra chip, feeds great hopes for the future of Mac Pro !

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