5G is overtaking 4G worldwide, thanks in large part to Apple

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In its latest report, the Counterpoint Research group reports that for the first time there were more 5G phones than 4G active on the planet during the month of January. The main reason for this shift is the increasingly large share of iPhones on the market.

Unsurprisingly, the report explains that three regions of the world are largely responsible for this change of course: Asia (notably China), North America, and Western Europe. These three regions alone account for nearly three-quarters of 5G phones on the planet.

5G already reaches more than a billion people

Counterpoint Research thus explains that nearly 84% of the smartphones used today in China would be compatible with 5G. The Middle Kingdom is thus the country with the best rate of penetration of this new technology. Across the Pacific, the United States and North America achieve only 73% coverage, while Western Europe fare only marginally better, with 76%. In all, this population represents more than one billion people in the world.

In these two areas, 5G has been greatly brought by Apple and the iPhone 12 and 13, both compatible. In North America, the report explains that 50% of 5G phones used are iPhones. A figure that drops to 30% in Europe. As for the rest of the world, it will surely take 5G to develop a bit more and become more accessible for people in these parts of the world to have the right to this technology.

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A huge market remains to be conquered

Southeast Asia is thus a market targeted by several “entry-level” manufacturers who could, in the future, offer 5G phones for 150 dollars. This price is seen by Counterpoint Research as the tipping point to enter these markets.

As far as Apple is concerned, which is not in danger of going as low in these prices, the arrival of a new SE model, compatible with 5G, shows that the Apple brand is taking the development of this new network coverage very seriously. serious.

While the price of 5G modems today is above $20, the latter could drop quite sharply in the next few years as Qualcomm, the world’s leading supplier develops its production techniques. Counterpoint Research expects a “before and after” when it comes to the arrival of 5G in the world based on the price of modems. If the latter comes to drop below $20, it should then be possible for a large majority of the planet to equip themselves.

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