Apple iPhone 5G supported in dual-SIM on all iPhone 12s

5G supported in dual-SIM on all iPhone 12s


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We told you this morning: the very last version of iOS, numbered 14.5 and for the moment accessible only to developers, is out. And among its novelties, one should make eye to the companies which equip their employees of brand new iPhone 12. Compatible with 5G, these are the first in their range to be entitled to it and therefore benefit from relatively fast speeds.

But until now, to appeal to two SIM cards in mobile, only 4G was available. Only China was entitled to the next generation of the standard for this type of use. The good news is that this is history now: everyone will be affected soon.

How to get it?

The advantage is that the change will not have to be set up manually but will simply be automatic. When updating to iOS 14.5 will be launched, 5G will then be accessible from each SIM card inserted in the iPhone 12 and this from any application.

It will nevertheless be necessary to wait a bit to benefit from it, since the general public does not yet have access to this version of the mobile operating system. Given Apple’s habits when it comes to timing its publications, we can bet that it is only a matter of days before the date in question.



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