6 bad habits to avoid if you’re trying to lose belly fat

6 malas costumbres que debes evitar si estás tratando de perder grasa abdominal

Belly fat is the most difficult to eliminate when we want to lose weight. If, no matter how hard you try, you don’t achieve great results, know the habits that can be the cause

Lose weight it is an important health issue and of course it is also an important aesthetic issue. As the years pass it can get more difficult reach the ideal weight and among the main problems that arise is The difficulty for eliminate fat in the abdominal area.

The truth is that today decrease a few centimeters of belta, not only will it make us feel better and wear clothes better, it is a key aspect in the prevention of future illnesses. The type of fat that accumulates in the abdomen is directly related to a excess calories and is related to conditions such as insulin resistance, high levels of stress, poor quality of sleep and poor gut health.

Most people turn to traditional media and most popular ones to eliminate belly fat: balanced diet, calorie control and of course the physical activity, with special emphasis on the abdominal work. However there are many other factors that influence and that many times we do not consider.

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1. Don’t eat at night

Will always be better consume the calories during the day, in principle because at night the time to burn them is nil and this habit is directly related to an increase in blood sugar levels. Have the habit of eat early allows us a more agile digestion process, which automatically enhances fat burning, metabolism and will also help us rest better. This aspect is directly related to the famous intermittent fasting that today is so fashionable, among its greatest benefits is precisely a significant decrease in abdominal fat. This is because limiting food intake to a period of 8 hours, allows the body to rest and better optimizes insulin.

2. Never ignore stress

It is impressive what stress can cause in the body, in fact it is one of the main causes of the appearance of various degenerative diseases, as is the case with overweight and obesity. High stress levels are usually associated with a increase in cortisol and this simple fact leads to the storage of fat in the abdominal area as a kind of body defense mechanism. Also stress alters the general functioning of the body, the state of mind, can increase appetite and is related to some apathy which in many cases prevents people exercise.

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3. Avoid sedentary life

Do not allow yourself to be sedentary throughout the dayespecially if you spend a lot of time sitting on the computer or without moving. Integrating physical activity as part of your daily routine is the best ally for avoid accumulation of abdominal fat. While it is important perform cardiovascular exercise throughout the week, there are good alternatives to stay active on a daily basis: walk the dog, go for a walk 15-20 minutes after eating, climb stairs.

4. The importance of sleeping well

Good sleep quality is essential for the functioning of the organism, it is the moment in which the body regenerates and it is also key to keep the hormonal system. On the other hand a good rest intervenes in the metabolism, combat stress, Improves mood and regulates the appetite. Remember when the body is not rested it does not cooperate with the weight loss and fat release.

5. Don’t forget intestinal health

He good intestinal function is related to many important aspects of health: intervenes in digestion, in the elimination of waste and toxins from the body and is key in the integrity of the immune system. An intestine depressed and deficient It cannot absorb nutrients, nor can it cleanse the body properly. At once a diet that is distinguished by consumption processed foods, conservatives, colorants, Saturated fats, sugars, chemical and refined flours, are the main responsible for destroying the intestinal flora. When this happens, stomach health deteriorates, abdominal distention and inflammation occur.

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6. Say goodbye to sugar

A high intake of added sugars It’s one of the Feeding Habits that are most related to chronic diseases, as obesity, diabetes, thyroid conditions and depression. It is important to know how to choose the sources from which we obtain sugar, being the fruits the only healthy source of fructose. However it is a priority avoid consuming processed sugars, containing a zero nutritional value and many calories, which go straight to the belly. What happens is that eThe liver cannot process completely this type of sugars and lturns you into fat, avoid all kinds of sugary drinks, refreshments, buns, candies, sweets, processed and fast foods.


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