6 distractions that prevent us from enjoying sex

6 distractions that prevent us from enjoying sex

STDs can be a very common and powerful distractor when having relationships

He sex It is a moment of enjoyment for men and women, but this satisfaction can be vanished by the influence of distracting elements. Here are 6 common distractions that prevent us from fully enjoying our sexuality.

1. Sexually transmitted diseases

According to the newspaper El Español, the sexually transmitted diseases They are an element that we take very much into account when having sexual relations, so much so that it can distract us and sow doubts that prevent us from enjoying the act.

You certainly should be concerned about not contracting any STDs, but in order for this concern not to become a distraction, do checkups together with your partner to rule out any possibility.

2. Unknown your body

Unknown our own body it prevents us from knowing what we really like, and that we cannot have all the pleasure and enjoyment that our body is capable of giving us.

Not knowing what your erogenous zones and groping around continuously without success can be frustrating and also annoying.

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3. Discomfort during penetration

That a woman does not enjoy penetration during the act is one of the worst distractors during intercoursein addition to quite a moment uncomfortable and painful for her.

Naturally, the man who penetrates will not be pleased or happy about this, so the penetration will generate a atmosphere of discomfort, instead of mutual pleasure.

4. Unplanned pregnancies

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To completely cancel the distractor that involves a possible unplanned pregnancy, the best thing you can do as a couple is to protect each other. Nothing more overwhelming and dangerous is having unprotected sex when you are not prepared.

5. Focus only on orgasm

Indeed, the orgasm It is one of the peak moments of sexual relations, but you cannot always reach this moment, which does not mean that sex has been bad.

Don’t worry if you can’t have frequent orgasms with your partner and focus more on enjoying the moment.

6. Don’t ask for what we want

Finally when we don’t ask what we like During sex, your chances of full enjoyment may drop dramatically. The same happens when we consent things we dislike.

Detailed these 6 common distractors, you probably have a greater knowledge regarding how to make your sexual relations a more satisfying moment by ceasing to consider distracting elements, and thus focus on the pleasure of both.

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