6 examples of successful newsletters

6 examples of successful newsletters

The newsletter is a must in a global marketing strategy. A powerful and effective promotional tool, but not only! In response to the mass campaigns of the 2000s, which were not very relevant and poorly targeted, the newsletter is now more informative. This support fits perfectly into an inbound or content marketing approach, since it makes it possible to promote the content produced by a brand and to address it to the right targets. It is still necessary that the newsletter be written and constructed in a relevant and effective manner.

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How to do ? Discover examples of successful newsletters here to find inspiration and tips for optimizing your newsletter.

newsletter example

6 examples of successful newsletters for 6 different purposes

In reality, there are almost as many types of newsletters as there are goals for brands or businesses to communicate through newsletter sending software. Thus, some newsletters offer product-oriented content while others share their editorial content. The newsletter can also be 100% dedicated to communication about the brand itself, and deal with something new internally, such as making commitments in favor of the environment.

Newsletter example 1: My Little Paris

newsletter of My Little Paris

My Little Paris is among the pioneers of the well-thought-out newsletter. Its minimalist style is not an obstacle to its success, quite the contrary. Their newsletters are followed by many Internet users, with whom the brand creates regular and expected meetings.

The start-up relies on storytelling, both for its own account and to highlight its partners. In its newsletter introduced by “Blow a blow and read this email”, only one statement is developed.

The company gives the floor to Nicolas-Xavier Ferrand, art historian, and proves that it is not necessary to develop several sections for a newsletter to be relevant, read and a source of clicks. During the reading, several links refer to content produced by My Little Paris, all without “scattering”, without call-to-action, without vivid and sometimes aggressive images.

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Why this newsletter is a good example:

  • Well thought out
  • Based on storytelling
  • Minimalist style with a single developed subject
  • Simplicity, without call-to-action or bright and aggressive images
  • Links to targeted and relevant content

Newsletter example 2: Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle, the media dedicated to youth employment in digital, produces a lot of content around topics such as:

  • Training,
  • personal development,
  • Job Research.

In its newsletters, Welcome to the Jungle provides advice, highlights industry news and shares job offers. Its e-mails are an opportunity for the start-up to highlight its own content, suggested in the form of call-to-action buttons.

Here, for example, a brief introduction lists the topics highlighted. 3 categories frame the overall structure of e-mailing:

  • Web&Tech.
  • “Fashion, Luxury & Beauty”.
  • “Advice, Audit, Finance”.

In each category, the message is introduced by 2 to 3 lines of text. Whether it’s content produced by Welcome to the Jungle or redirecting the Internet user to the partner’s site, everything remains to be seen by clicking on the CTA. Suggesting content by sending newsletters is a widely used and efficient model.

Why this newsletter is a good example:

  • Promotion of brand-specific content
  • Structured newsletter
  • little text
  • Clear and effective CTAs

Sample Newsletter 3: Paul Smith

Paul Smith Newsletter

Sending newsletters is often a means of developing a brand image, to which readers gradually adhere. Without necessarily directly promoting its products or its own content, a brand can take advantage of the relevance of the newsletter as a branding tool. This is what Paul Smith chose to do in 2013.

The newsletter assumes the codes of a landing page. Website menu, product presentation format, visuals: everything is structured so that the Internet user is immediately immersed in the heart of the brand. The categories are designed in such a way as to meet Paul Smith’s objective: to provide an overview of their product proposal, within the framework of the opening of a new store.

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What’s more, in the calls to action, the choice is vast: buy online, or read on to find out more about the work of the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, at the origin of the collection presented. . The product offer is therefore not the priority here.

Why this newsletter is a good example:

  • Resumption of brand elements for immediate immersion
  • Content that meets the objective of communicating about the brand as a whole and not about a specific offer
  • Insertion of relevant and varied call-to-action buttons

Newsletter example 4: Watercolor

Newsletter Watercolor

The promotional newsletter still has a bright future ahead of it. For some brands, the main objective remains to communicate around its products, particularly during promotions.

This is the case of Aquarelle, the famous brand of online flower bouquets. Here, the form of the newsletter is extremely simple. The brand logo and a short introduction are enough. Therefore, what jumps out at the opening is the essence of the mall: the 3 bouquets of flowers. The Internet user is directly led to take an interest in the product, then in the promotion from which he can benefit.

Moreover, if there are 3 visuals, only one offer is put forward. Despite the advertising dimension of this type of newsletter, it has the advantage of not overwhelming the reader with a large amount of information.

Why this newsletter is a good example:

  • Very simple format
  • Highlighting the product offer by image
  • Little information, which leaves more room for the promotional offer

Newsletter example 5: Apple

apple newsletter example

In general, Apple is known for not being too dispersed in its communication. Here, the brand speaks on behalf of the App Store entity to present its new version. Its objective: to highlight the key points of this latest version to give a brief but complete overview to its future users.

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For this, the newsletter simply uses the categories present on the App Store, neither more nor less. A very refined newsletter, both in substance and in form, but which satisfies its purely informative objective.

Newsletters designed to deliver a summary of useful information to their readers are commonplace in the news and media world. The newsletter then fulfills its primary function as a newsletter. Its role is to facilitate the taking of information thanks to the grouping by themes or by chronology.

Why this newsletter is a good example:

  • Clean newsletter
  • Preservation of the codes and the environment of the brand so that the reader can find his way around easily
  • Simple and efficient information structure

Newsletter example 6: Le Slip Français

sample newsletter Le Slipe French

Although the sending of newsletters is generally programmed in advance internally, certain occasions are not to be missed. Showing agility also means, for a brand, using the newsletter format to react to an event that affects, more or less closely, its offer. Could Le Slip Français really have done without reaction the day after the victory of the Blues in the World Cup? Hard to imagine.

Not only did the brand do it, but with creativity! Both in the texts, in the visuals and in the calls to action, Le Slip Français has been able to offer unique content, while highlighting its flagship products. At the same time, the brand was also able to benefit from a collective euphoria, a source of additional notoriety.

Why this newsletter is a good example:

  • Communication related to positive news that brings added value to the brand image
  • Creativity
  • Highlighting flagship products

To go further, download this free guide to choose the right type of newsletter for your business, identify key indicators of success and create content that helps you meet your objectives.

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