6 steps to get started and optimize it!

6 steps to get started and optimize it!

Marketing influence has today become a full-fledged media. Did you know that Norman, Cyprien and Squeezie have made more than 80 videos which each have 19 million views, more audience than the final of the football world cup on TF1 in 2018? Now apart from these stars, you can launch your campaigns with micro and middle-influencers (between 1,000 and 100,000 followers), but for that you have to equip yourself with an influencer marketing tool (like Influence4You) to manage, manage and professionalize your campaigns.

About the author: Stéphane BOUILLET, HEC, expert in digital marketing and in particular in influence marketing and founder of Influence4You.

What steps to launch your first influencer marketing campaign?

Step 1: The brief.

Well, you have defined your objectives (to make yourself known, to be liked or to be bought). You have found the right device. Then you have to present it to influencers. The right influencer platforms help you define a simple AND comprehensive brief. For example, they encourage you not to forget the legal notices of transparency or the hashtags of the campaign. A solution like Influence4You allows you to create your campaign without errors and without forgetting anything in a few minutes.

Step 2: The choice of influencers.

Once your campaign is online, a platform should guide you in choosing influencers. Here are some examples of statistics and information that you will not be able to find directly if you consult the public social accounts of influencers, but which are offered by the best solutions:

  • Socio-demographic statistics of the influencer and his audience (age, country, centers of interest, etc.)
  • Respect for the brief on previous campaigns
  • The editorial quality score
  • The motivation of the influencer when applying to the campaign
  • His price
  • The distribution of their real followers or their fake followers

This type of solution clearly helps you choose the right influencers… Even if it is then essential to consult the contents of their social networks to see if the editorial line and the personality of the influencer correspond to your needs.

Step 3: Communication with the influencer

A good platform should allow you to communicate directly with the influencers of your campaign. Possibly even help you to use pre-filled messages so as to avoid time-consuming tasks of entering emails. Now human and personalized contact remains essential. You are not running a Google Ads campaign, but an influencer campaign.

Step 4: sending the products

A good influencer marketing solution Usually integrates an interface with a logistician to help you send products / vouchers to influencers. For your information, Influence4You uses a service provider who employs people with disabilities. In short, what more to have a positive social impact while simplifying your life. Preparing packages for influencers is often tedious. Entrust the task to your influencer partner and you can focus on your tasks with higher added value.

Step 5: reporting

This is where influencer marketing tools and solutions are the most interesting. They allow you to make simple and automated reporting of your campaigns to know the number of people affected, the Earned Media value of your campaigns, the number of clicks or even sales of your campaign, all AUTOMATICALLY. And in addition cherry on the cake, most often in a rather sexy format to present these statistics and the posts of influencers.

Step 6: Payment

Imagine that you are running a campaign with 200 influencers that you each pay between € 10 and € 1,000 for posts made on their social networks. Who is going to come in and slit your throat to manage those 200 auto-entrepreneur invoices? Your accountant !!! Fortunately, the right influencer platforms allow you to manage all your payments. Pay the platform which then takes care of paying each of the influencers. Natacha de la compta will be delighted …

In short, all this to tell you that influencer marketing tools are solutions that simplify your life, avoid making mistakes and above all allow you to measure the impact of your campaigns. There are 2 or 3 serious ones on the market. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

To find out more, here is a video from the Influence4You influencer marketing platform:

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