60 internet figures to know in 2022

60 internet figures to know in 2022

In 2020, 4.79 billion people had internet access worldwide. In France, there were 53.8 million Internet users, or more than 85% of the country’s population.

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Whether at national or global level, this is not surprising since it is a sector in perpetual evolution: new technologies, new algorithms. This means that to be relevant, a digital strategy must be constantly updated and in line with new trends.

From e-commerce to social networks and online advertising, this article presents 60 figures to discover on the internet. Classified by category, they will guide your digital strategy in 2022.

All internet figures

1 – E-commerce figures

  1. Amazon, Leboncoin.fr, Cdiscount, Vinted and Leroy Merlin were the leaders of French e-commerce in 2021(1).
  2. The top 3 most purchased products and services online in 2021 were: fashion, followed by beauty and health, then cultural products (2).
  3. The average basket of the French was €59.50 in the third quarter of 2021(3).
  4. In France, e-merchants would have achieved 130 billion euros in turnover at the end of 2021 (4).
  5. In 2020, there were no less than 1.5 million more e-shoppers than in 2019, the strongest increase recorded since 2015 (5).
  6. 91.6% of 35-49 year olds shop online (5).
  7. 73.8% of over 65s shop online (5).
  8. Embedding how-to videos in product sheets would increase sales opportunities by 144% (6).
  9. Some sectors of activity are experiencing strong development in e-commerce, such as delicatessen whose online sales would represent 20% of the sector’s market share by 2025 (6).
  10. The cart abandonment rate is higher on mobile phones (97%) than on computers (70%) (6).
  11. Slow page load times impact online store conversions by around 7% (6).
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2 – Online advertising figures

  1. In 2021, digital media advertising revenue will grow by 41.9% annually (7).
  2. The Google-Facebook-Amazon trio stands out with annual growth of 50% (8).
  3. Facebook ad revenue grew 33% in 2021(9).
  4. In the second quarter of 2021, advertising on YouTube generated $7 billion in revenue, nearly doubling in one year (10).
  5. Search engine advertising revenue increased by 43% in one year (11).
  6. Social media revenue expected to grow 230% by 2023 (12).
  7. Social media market share is expected to continue growing by 2023 and account for 43% of the global digital advertising market (12).
  8. In 2021, 70% of advertising expenditure on social networks will be invested in advertising for mobile use (12).
  9. Social media video ad revenue grows 102% (13).
  10. In 2022, global digital advertising spending is expected to reach $524.31 billion (6).
  11. In 2021, advertising investments are up 77% in the fashion sector (8).
  12. In the food sector, the increase is 42% (8).

3 – Search engine figures

In 2020, Google held more than 65% of the global market share, compared to only 18% for Safari (10).

  1. Google has indexed 130 trillion web pages and its robots visit 20 billion websites every day. (10).
  2. Nearly 100,000 requests are submitted every second (14).
  3. In France, 90% of natural traffic acquired by websites is generated by Google (10).
  4. 75% of Internet users do not click further than the first page of search results (10).
  5. The first search result generates 28.5% of clicks on mobile, compared to 34.2% on desktop (15).
  6. 65% of VSEs-SMEs invested in natural referencing in 2020 (16).
  7. 88% of content indexed on the first page of results contains at least 600 words (17).

  8. Refreshing old blog post increases organic traffic by 111% (18).
  9. The loading speed of a site would lose up to 11% of traffic if it is too slow (17).

4 – Social media figures

  1. Social networks have 4.5 billion users, 99% of whom connect from a mobile phone. This represents approximately 54% of the world’s population (19).
  2. Instagram’s engagement rate is 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter (6).
  3. YouTube meanwhile has nearly 2.3 billion users per month and more than a billion hours of video are watched every day. In France, YouTube has 49.6 million unique visitors per month (10).

  4. 82 years is the time it would take to watch all the videos added in just one hour on YouTube (10).
  5. 37% of global YouTube traffic is via mobile compared to 8.4% for Facebook and 8.3% for Snapchat (10).
  6. In January 2022, Instagram counts 500 million users of stories per day (19).
  7. LinkedIn has 22 million French users in 2021(20).
  8. WhatsApp is the #1 messaging app in the world, ahead of Facebook Messenger and WeChat (21).
  9. 54% of consumers search for products on social media when shopping online (19).
  10. Facebook dominates the social media market and accounts for 74% of users in France (19).
  11. 90.4% of Generation Y individuals are present on social networks (19).
  12. 77.5% of Gen Xers are on social media (19).
  13. 48.2% of Baby Boomers are present on social networks (19).
  14. 3 hours is the average time spent by Internet users on social networks and online messaging in 2021 (19).
  15. 73% of marketers say that undertaking social media marketing actions has benefited their business (19).
  16. Video is an effective type of content on LinkedIn, it generates 5x more engagement and up to 24x more for live video (22).
  17. 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand’s community management will recommend it to those around them (19).
  18. More than half (49%) of consumers take into account the opinions and recommendations of influencers (19).
  19. 28% of Internet users discover a brand through advertising on social networks (19).
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5 – Mobile Internet figures

  1. In 2021, there are 5.22 billion mobile users worldwide, compared to 4.66 billion Internet users (21).
  2. Mobile traffic represents 54.8% of online traffic (6).
  3. If we compare the performance of an application to that of an e-commerce site in mobile version, the conversion rate is 3 times higher via the application (23).
  4. More than 53% of emails sent are opened from a mobile phone (6).
  5. About 20% of mobile searches are voice searches (24).
  6. 62% of Gen Zers use image search (25).
  7. 55% of mobile users who use voice search do so to find local businesses (24).
  8. Nearly 90% of mobile internet usage time is spent on apps, compared to 11% on sites (6).

60 internet figures and marketing statistics have just been presented and a major and influential trend emerges for 2022: the scale of the mobile internet continues to expand. It is therefore important to adapt your website to responsive design, whether it is a merchant or a showcase.

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