60% market share for the iPhone in 2021!

iPhonne 13

A new study by Counterpoint Research, which needs no further introduction, looks at the success of different brands of “premium” smartphones over the period from January to December last. Understand that these are the most expensive mobiles, such as the iPhone or the Galaxy S22 range from Samsung, which are high-performance devices but offered at a relatively high cost (over $400).

Unsurprisingly, it is therefore Apple that wins the prize of first seller on a planetary scale, with 60% of market share. Of course this is an estimate, but the trend is there. All the more so when number two, namely Samsungwould collect “only” 17% of the cake, followed by Huawei which returns to the front of the stage with 6% then Xiaomi (5%).

No change ?

If we compare all these figures with those of the previous year, we see few notable differences apart from a 5 point progression for Cupertino. On the other hand, the numbers are still in favor of an overall growth of the market, with almost a quarter of mobile phones sold in addition.

Among the factors of this considerable success, we can mention in particular theeasing of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic in Asia. These serious limitations had in fact more than slowed down the production lines installed on site, notably causing delays in component deliveries.

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Chinese brands assert themselves in Europe

If we look at the statistics of Counterpoint Research collected for the European market only, we see that Apple also occupies the first position in the ranking followed by Samsung. Then comes Xiaomiwhich recently presented its excellent Mi 11 Ultra. With a 6.81-inch panel on the front and 12 GB of RAM, the beast comes with a Snapdragon 888 processor from Qualcomm for top-flight performance. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro therefore have better watch out.

Oppo, with its Reno6is also doing quite well: you only have to pay 499.90 euros to afford its version with 128 GB of storage, which is a good price. more affordable than those practiced by Apple on its flagship collection.

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