7 apps to see who has stopped following you

7 apps to see who has stopped following you

With more than 500 million users every day, Instagram is a social network on which to communicate. To develop, users use various techniques including that of “follow – unfollow”.

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The term “follow” refers to the fact of following a person while the term “unfollow” refers to the fact of unsubscribing from an account.

Many Instagram users use the practice of “follow – unfollow”, meaning that they subscribe and unsubscribe to accounts in order to gain more visibility.

Although debatable, this practice is common and it may be worthwhile to see who has stopped following you. With that in mind, this article presents 7 useful apps to see who has stopped following you.

7 tools to see Instagram unsubscribes

  1. Followers Tracker Pro

  2. FollowMeter

  3. InstaFollow for Instagram

  4. Follow Cop

  5. Ins Tracker Followers Insights

  6. Follower Reports for Instagram

  7. Crowdfire

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Ins Tracker Followers Insights

screenshot of Ins Tracker Followers Insights

Ins Tracker Followers Insights is a useful app available from Android to see who has stopped following you on Instagram.

With a user rating of 5 out of 5, this app is able to reveal several indicators to you about your followers and their behavior in relation to your Instagram account. This application offers its users professional analyzes and its services are free.

Followers Tracker Pro

screenshot of followers tracker pro

Although the name contains the word pro, the iOS Followers Tracker Pro app is completely free and has a user rating of 4.3 out of 5.

In addition to indicating just like other applications the identity of people who have unsubscribed, Followers Tracker Pro provides the identity of accounts that visit your profile and shows comments that have been deleted under your posts. Updated very regularly, this app faces API changes from Instagram.


screenshot of Follow metter

With nearly 3 million users, Follow Metter is an application available for iOS as well as Android. Very easy to use, this application compatible with the Instagram application allows you to manage an account as well as to know various information to which users of the Instagram network do not have access.

In addition to indicating who are the people who unsubscribed, the FollowMetter app also indicates

  • accounts that frequently visit your Instagram account;

  • the number of new subscribers;

  • statistics on your publications.

The free version of the app is more than enough for users who just want to see who has unsubscribed from their account. The paid version offers more advanced features.

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On the Apple Store, users of the app rated it 4.1 out of 5.

InstaFollow for Instagram

Insta Follow screenshot

Instafollow is an application that lets its users know who are the people who have stopped following them on Instagram.

Although the latter is not affiliated with Instagram it is nonetheless effective and thanks to its free downloadable version on iOS, it allows, among other things

  • to follow new subscribers on an account;

  • to unsubscribe from accounts that no longer interest you;

  • gain visibility into the accounts you follow, but which don’t follow you back.

A paid version is also available, but the free version is quite suitable for having basic functionality and seeing who has stopped following you.

Users of this app rated it 4.1 in the Apple Store.

Follow Cop

screenshot of follow cop

Available on Android only and rated 4.1 out of 5 by its users, the free Follow Cop app is perfect for getting statistics on your recent unsubscribes.

In addition to telling who stopped following you, the app also allows up to 20 account unsubscribes at one time.

Follow Cop saves a lot of time and allows you to connect up to three different accounts. In addition, the application helps detect potential fake accounts.

Follower Reports for Instagram

screenshot of subscriber reports for Instagram

The Follower Reports app for Instagram is an app rated 3.9 out of 5 on the Apple Store.

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In addition to revealing which users have unsubscribed, Reports Followers for Instagram:

  • also allows to highlight the best times to publish,

  • prose performance indicators on publications;

  • allows you to define hashtags and discover story models.

The application is free to download, but its use requires a paid subscription, the price of which varies from € 2.99 to € 17.99.


Crowdfire screenshot

Crowdfire is an application designed to manage the accounts of several social networks, including Instagram.

Available on Android, IOS as well as web browsers, this application is perfect for establishing a content strategy. In addition to providing statistics on an Instagram account, the application allows you to publish content, view the rendering and schedule the publications.

In the free version, users can link three accounts and schedule up to 10 posts. The paid version exists under 3 formulas, the first of which is priced at € 9.99.

Often Instagram users think that “follow – unfollow” is a good technique to increase the visibility of their account. In reality, Instagram sanctions this kind of practice, because it does not consider it qualitative. To learn more about best practices, find out how to get more Instagram followers.

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