7 Audio to Text Transcription Software

7 Audio to Text Transcription Software

Audio-to-text transcription software makes it possible to obtain a written document from a sound recording. Voice recognition technology, or “speech-to-text”, automatically converts the audio or video file, such as MP3 or MOV, into a text format. > Download: Storytelling templates” align=”middle”/>

The transcription software thus avoids the manual work of data entry: the user saves time, and avoids a painful task. Compared to the services of a professional transcriptionist, the software offers the advantage of price: the automation of the process makes it possible to reduce the cost. From one tool to another, the functionalities vary. It is in particular the languages ​​and formats supported, as well as the ease of use of the solution, which guide the user’s choice. Zoom on 7 audio-to-text transcription software for professionals.

Why convert audio to text?

Converting audio to text satisfies a business need that arises in various situations, for example:

  • The journalist must transcribe a recorded interview in writing, to broadcast it in text format.
  • At the end of a meeting or a telephone interview, the professional must produce a written report based on an audio recording.
  • The company uses video in its marketing strategy, and wants to add subtitles.
  • The company creates audio or video content, such as podcasts or YouTube videos, and wants to use them for text content such as white papers or blog articles.
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When it comes to marketing, image and sound are very effective media. The proof is with the rise of vlogging and the success of social networks such as TikTok. However, text support is often still necessary as part of the company’s communication strategy.

  • Writing reaches a wide audience: people who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as non-natives who master the language better in writing than orally, have easier access to text content. It should be noted that some users also prefer to read than to listen.
  • Audio-to-text transcription improves natural referencing, as the search engine does not index audio content.
  • The text format is accessible in all situations. Illustration: the user of a social video network cuts the sound when consulting the application in a public environment, on public transport for example. Subtitles solve this problem.

Producing text from audio or video content thus makes it possible to exploit it in the best possible conditions, either by adding subtitles or by creating another medium to communicate the natively audio content. Using the artificial intelligence of software to transcribe audio to text is then advantageous in terms of time and cost.

Happy Scribe

happy scribe - audio to text transcription tool The platform Happy Scribe offers 2 types of services: conversion of audio files into text files and subtitling of videos.

The advantages of Happy Scribe transcription software:

  • The tool supports over 120 languages, and over 45 import and export formats.
  • The interface is intuitive, for quick and easy use.
  • The sharing function provides access to the transcription and allows collaborative work.
  • The user imports all types of audio files to be transcribed, with no weight limit.
  • The assisted translation function allows translating the transcription.

Transcription and captioning services cost €0.20 per minute, timestamp included.


amberscript - audio to text transcription tool
The online tool Amberscript allows you to transform audio and video files into text or subtitles. The user chooses between automatic transcription and the use of a professional transcriptionist or subtitler.

Highlights of Amberscript transcription software:

  • The platform supports 39 languages.
  • The text is generated on an online editor, to make the necessary adjustments and corrections.
  • The export is timestamped and an option makes it possible to distinguish the interlocutors from the audio or video content.
  • A specific formula intended for companies makes it possible to create a multi-user account.

At the end of a free trial within the limit of 10 minutes of import, Amberscript invoices 20 € per hour of audio or video to be transcribed automatically. An annual subscription at the price of €60 per month gives access to 5 monthly hours of transcription.

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captured - audio to text transcription tool

The Capté tool is dedicated to the automatic creation of subtitles. The online platform offers a simple process, in 3 steps:

  1. The user imports the video: the voice recognition technology automatically transcribes the subtitles.
  2. The text appears on the editing interface: the user makes the necessary corrections and formats the subtitles. An optional feature allows text to be translated into English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and German.
  3. The user downloads the video with embedded subtitles. He can also get an SRT file to have the subtitles in text format.

Software prices: the Standard offer is available at the price of €18 per month for an annual subscription. To benefit from all the features, and transcribe an unlimited number of videos lasting up to 20 minutes, Capté offers a Premium plan, for professionals and businesses, starting at €45 per month. The user can test the solution upstream for free, for 7 days.


authôt - audio to text transcription tool

The Authôt application, specialist in “speech to text” technology, offers 3 online services:

  • Audio-to-text transcription: the user imports his file, views it and corrects it in the editor, then exports it in DOC, TXT, HTML or even SRT formats. The proofreading option allows you to have the rendering checked by a professional. The price of the automatic transcription service: from €33/hour; from €97/hour with the proofreading option.
  • Subtitling: the subtitles are automatically generated by the software, then synchronized, embedded and possibly translated by professionals. The user obtains the subtitle file in the format of his choice. The price of the subtitling service: from €6 per minute; from €18 per minute with the translation option.
  • Live transcription: the application transcribes audio into text in real time, during a conference or an interview for example. The text is exported in TXT format. The price of the live service: from €33/hour; from €66/hour with the automatic translation option.


shade dragon - audio to text transcription tool

Published by the company Nuance, the Dragon voice recognition software transcribes the user’s speech on the screen, and makes it possible to create simple voice commands for text formatting. This AI solution offers a very specific audio-to-text transcription feature: the user dictates the text to be written, the voice replaces the keyboard when writing an email, when writing a report or when taking notes . The tool is designed to improve the productivity of company employees in their document production tasks.

The software costs €699. Note that its installation requires an appropriate configuration, and that the generation of the processor determines the performance of the dictation and voice command functionalities.

Microsoft Word

microsoft word - audio to text transcription tool

The word processing software Microsoft Word is enriched with a functionality for automatic transcription of a text from an audio file or from the voice of the user.

  • Record speech directly in Word: the user authorizes access to the microphone, then starts recording. By activating the “Record and transcribe” command, the transcription of the audio into text begins in the document.
  • Upload an audio file: the user selects the “Upload audio” option of the dictation tool then uploads his file in WAV, MP3 or MP4 format. The transcript appears in the document.

Microsoft 365 subscription includes the free audio-to-text transcription feature. For more information on the use of this tool, do not hesitate to take a look at our guide dedicated to Word.


trint - audio to text transcription toolTrint is a platform for transcribing audio and video files into text.

The advantages of Trint:

  • The software recognizes more than 30 languages.
  • The tool is accessible via an iOS application: the transcription technology supports audio and video files downloaded on mobile, but also voice recordings as well as telephone calls.
  • The user can “learn” tool-specific terms, so that the AI ​​takes them into account when transcribing.
  • After a 7-day free trial, 3 formulas to choose from are offered to adapt to user needs. Count 44 € per month minimum for the individual formula, and 60 € per user and per month for professionals who wish to access advanced features such as collaborative mode.

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