7 flavors of chicken wings to enjoy on a Netflix night

7 flavors of chicken wings to enjoy on a Netflix night

One of the most popular dates for wings in the United States is February for the classic Super Bowl event | Jeff Fusco / Getty Images

Chicken wings are a classic of American food, especially when it comes to watching big events on television. They can be combined in different ways and let’s not forget that in most places it is a fairly cheap dish.

And in this time of confinement, wings are the main allies when it comes to eating delicious food, when it comes to starting a Netflix marathon.

Here is a list with seven different options to savor the wings until you lick your fingers.

Garlic, olive oil and Parmesan is an equation that never fails. And if you want to give it an even more special touch, we recommend fresh basil leaves. It will be an explosion of flavor on your palate. Don’t forget the magic ingredients: salt, pepper and lemon that will enhance the flavors.

If you want a more oriental flavor on your palate, you cannot stop trying teriyaki-style chicken wings. It is a cooking technique of Japanese cuisine that consists of marinating the meat in a sweet sauce. If you like sweet and sour foods, this is a perfect option.

Because they are from Mexico, these wings will be spicy so you better have your cold drink ready, because you will need it when trying this food.

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Classic and one of the favorites in the United States. The irresistible flavor of the barbecue makes it lead the top of the best flavors in this ideal dish to enjoy in front of the television.

Another bittersweet option. An important fact to keep in mind, when you mix the mustard with the honey in the preparation, add a little natural water so that it is not so thick.

You can also add honey, it is a great ally of the orange. The recipe is simple and only takes a few minutes, you can choose to make them fried or baked.

Do you want wings like the classic ones eaten on the international KFC chain? You can make them at home, keep in mind the tips of this chef to put together the preparation that will cover your wings, then you go through the flour and fry. It’s that simple.

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