7 foods to avoid for dinner if you are on a diet

7 alimentos que debes evitar cenar si estás a dieta

The body’s metabolism is slower at night, so eating light is ideal

There are foods that definitely we cannot consume at dinner time being at diet, especially if we want to ensure proper digestion that allows us to rest properly. Here we talk about 7 of these foods.

one. Cereal with milk

According to an article on the Divina Cocina portal, cereals are carbohydrate-laden foods that will be stored in our body in the form of grease. On the other hand, milk can be indigestible for the stomach, making it difficult for us to sleep.

2. Emushrooms

The dinner that consists of sausages is always determined by the salt and fats they contain, making digestion very heavy. Also, the sausages are very caloric.

3. Bread, potatoes and pasta

Like cereals with milk, these foods have a caloric intake that we cannot burn at night, about 400 kilocalories per 100 grams to be exact.

However, these foods could be consumed if they are used as companion of another dish.

Four. Caloric fruits

At dinner, fruit can be a good dessert for a previous meal, but you should never overdo it, especially if it is a fruit rich in sugars and / or very caloric.

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5. Pizzas

Pizza has many carbohydrates, fats and oils, so its nighttime consumption is widely discouraged.

6. Vegetables

Nocturnal vegetables are perfect as long as let’s discard those that cause us flatulence since that would make our rest difficult.

7. Red meat

In general, red meat is caloric and difficult to digest. If you want to consume meats, opt for White meatsas well as white fish.

As you can see, these foods are not suitable to be consumed if we want lose weight or maintain our body weight. There are healthier alternatives than these, and if you want to add them to your diet, you can consult a nutritionist to provide you with a personalized guide according to your needs.


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