7 generators to create a word cloud

7 generators to create a word cloud

A word cloud is an effective and original way to highlight keywords that are directly related to a subject to be covered. Its color and shape can be personalized so that the cloud is in accordance with the graphic charter of the medium for which it is intended.

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Whether on a presentation, in a brochure or on a website, a word cloud harmoniously synthesizes the accompanying text and gives it more weight. To generate it, different tools are available on the internet and each has advantages that will interest users according to their needs and expectations.

French word cloud generator

Nuagesdemots.fr is a French website that allows, as its name suggests, to generate a word cloud from a list, a Word file or even PDF. Different predefined graphic themes are available, but it is also possible to personalize the final result by individually choosing the colors and the font.

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In both cases, the shape of the final visual can be chosen from a wide range of proposals. Beyond the circles, squares and characters, it is possible to choose more original shapes such as ghosts or even continents. This site also offers to download a custom shape to bring the most creative ideas to life.

word cloud by cloudsdemots.fr

Word Art offers the widest choice of shapes

On Word Art word cloud generator, creation is guided step by step. After having grasped the words, comes the choice of the form where very many are proposed, all more aesthetic and original than the other. Then comes the choice of the font, the layout and finally the style. The result is printable or downloadable in low-resolution PNG and JPG for free. To obtain high resolution or animated formats, Word Art offers packages starting at € 4.99.

word art

WorldCloud for a simple creation in random mode

The WorldCloud word cloud generator has chosen to offer an interface that favors simplicity. Thus, the personalization of the result is not as extensive as on other tools. But it allows to obtain a visual in a few clicks and the result is satisfactory.

In addition, on this site it is possible to generate a word cloud from a Wikipedia page, something rare enough to mention it here. Whatever the source, the final visual can be downloaded in PNG format or shared on the internet.

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word cloud by wordcloud

Make a word cloud quickly and in French

Nuagedemots.co was created by Codeur, this platform that connects developers and customers. On this site the user can make a word cloud with ease. He is guided in his creation throughout the five steps that make it possible to obtain a visual. First of all, you have to add words or paste a text in which it will then be possible to remove certain words. Then the user chooses the shape of his cloud and the orientation of the words. Finally, he selects a font and a color theme. Although limited, the choices of colors, shapes or fonts are pleasant and modern. Finally, it is necessary to register your e-mail address to download the visual, in PJG or WEBP.

word cloud

WorkItOut: a free tool to create word clouds

Available for free, WorkItOut allows you to generate a word cloud from a list or a full text. In the latter case, it will only keep the words most often used. While it is possible to customize the colors and the font, this site also offers an atypical feature: choosing them randomly. Finally, the user will be able to choose the orientation of his visual, but it is however not possible to change its shape.

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Tag Crowd: an interactive generator in English

On Tag Crowd, it is possible to create an interactive word cloud which can then be integrated into a website. When the cursor is hovered, the words are highlighted and the rendered effect makes it possible to animate a site while giving more dimension to the keywords collected in the cloud. However, this tool does not leave the possibility of choosing the shape of the cloud or of customizing the fonts or their colors.

crowd tag

Bonus: a powerful generator to download

Creatives and designers can download Wordaizer word cloud generator which is a particularly powerful tool from App Helmond’s website. Indeed, it allows to obtain complex shapes like that of a guitar or an animal. However, this tool is not available online, but only for download on PC. For personal use, no license is required. However, for commercial use, the license costs € 19.

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