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The app Posts on iPhone and iPad has improved over the versions of iOS, gaining in various functionalities, following third-party solutions of the same type, but also sometimes taking the lead. On the other hand, as complete as it is, even integrating a dedicated App Store, the app can sometimes seem obscure to the uninitiated, especially when you want to access basic and often useful options. So to understand a little better how to manage your SMS and iMessage with Messages on iPhone and enrich your repertoire of iOS and iPhone “tips”, here is a series of practical tips.

Reply from locked screen

Thanks to enriched notifications, when receiving an SMS or iMessage and displaying its notification, it is possible to open it wide to read the message completely and even reply without unlocking the phone and without opening the Messages app. For it :

  • In the locked screen, make a long press on the frame of the received message, or slide your finger to the left before pressing “Display”
  • Write your answer and send it
Reply to lock screen message

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Easy forwarding of a message

To copy a message received by a contact and forward it to another contact, one might think that the easiest way would be to use the copy-paste function. But there is something simpler:

  • Long press on the text to share
  • Press on “More…” then on the small arrow at the bottom right
Share messageShare message

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  • Finally choose the contact who will receive the copy of the message
  • Send
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Limit the size of images shared per message

For avoid using too much data or in order not to saturate the iPhone’s memory too quickly with the recurring sending of GIFs or other funny images, it is possible to limit the quality of the images sent in the Message app.

Go to Settings > Messages and activate the “Lower image quality” option.

Message image quality settingMessage image quality setting

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Stop repeating messages received alerts

Here is the summarized procedure of this feature detailed in this article:

  • Go to “Settings > Notifications”
  • Go down the screen until you find the title “Messages”
Message notification settingsMessage notification settings

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  • Press the latter and go down again
  • Choose “Customize notifications”, then “Snooze alerts”
iOS Message Snooze Settings Access ScreensiOS Message Snooze Settings Access Screens

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  • Select the number of alerts, it ranges from “Never” to “10 times”
iOS screen with message repeat settingiOS screen with message repeat setting

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Mute a group chat

To avoid having your phone ring as soon as a member of a group chat speaks, here’s how to do it:

  • In the Messages app, swipe left on the conversation in question
  • Press the crossed-out bell
  • A crescent moon icon to the right of the conversation indicates that the conversation is muted
Muted talkMuted talk

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To deactivate this state, repeat the operation.

Recognize the sender of a message by ear

Knowing who is the person who has just sent an SMS simply by ear, or even by recognizing the rhythm of vibrations, it is possible. This requires configuring a specific ringtone or vibration for the contact in question, as explained there in more detail.

  • In the Contacts app, search for the contact concerned
  • Click on “Edit” at the top right
  • Under the heading “SMS sounds”, press in the “Default” field, then on “Vibration”
iOS screen custom vibration setting SMSiOS screen custom vibration setting SMS

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  • Choose a different alert or even a new custom vibration via the “Create vibration” option
Single vibration SMSSingle vibration SMS

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  • Press “OK” to validate
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Block a contact or number

To avoid being harassed by contact that is a little too persistent, it is possible to easily block his number :

  • From the Messages app, go to the open conversation with the contact to block
  • Tap their initials at the top or their profile picture
  • Press “info”
  • Choose “Block this correspondent” at the bottom.
iOS settings screen with option to block a contactiOS settings screen with option to block a contact

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To unblock it, do the same operation and choose in the last step “Unblock this correspondent”

Find more information here about the iOS contact blacklist.

Limit SMS previews in notifications

Here is a tip seen here that describes how to disable or limit the display of messages in notifications. This can be handy to prevent anyone from being able to read received messages even with the iPhone locked:

  • Go to settings, then to “Notifications”
  • Find the “Messages” app
  • Go down to the “Show previews” option and change it to “Disabled” or “If unlocked”
Notifications MessagesNotifications Messages

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With these tricks, it is possible to perfect the customization of the management of SMS and iMessage in the iPhone. And to enrich your knowledge of iOS even more, don’t hesitate to take a look there to find several hundred detailed and often illustrated practical articles, dedicated to the use of the Apple mobile operating system.

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Do you know all these SMS/Messages options? If not, which one(s) did you discover here?

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