7 secrets to cooking with grandma’s seasoning

7 secretos para cocinar con la sazón de las abuelas

Keeping the salt from getting wet is as easy as putting a few grains of rice in the bowl

If you have been struck by how the prepared meals of the grandmothers have such a particular flavor to the rest, and you want to bring that season to what you prepare, you have probably come to the right place, because here we will present you seven secrets of how grandmothers cook.

one. Potato to avoid excess salt

According to an article in the Delirious Kitchen portal, the grandmothers prevent their dishes from having a possible excess of salt simply by placing some potato pieces. It is not known exactly why potatoes have this effect, but the truth is that many times the objective is achieved.

two. So that the salt does not weigh

Sometimes the salt inside the salt shaker can get wet and form small balls of salt that do not come out as much as we want. To prevent this from happening, you can place some grains of rice in the salt shaker. The rice will take care of absorbing all the moisture in the container.

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3. Eliminate bad odors from frets

Put a little used coffee grounds on the dishes, and then leave them under running water for about 5 minutes. This strategy is also helpful in removing the annoying odor from the egg.

Four. How to store the oil

Saving is a quality acquired from grandmothers; in case you have a lot of oil left over when cooking, you can store what is missing in a container or cup. This oil can be used again in whatever you like, but it will probably expire if you do not use it for a long time.

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5. To cut the onion

If you don’t want onions to make you cry, all you have to do is rub your hands on a metal tap. This also helps eliminate odor.

6. A little acid is not bad

When preparing lentil soup, beans or broth, you can add ½ tablespoon of vinegar or add a little lemon at the end of cooking to intensify flavors. This little touch of acidity adds life to the dish.

7. Creamy scrambled eggs

If you have wondered how some grandmothers manage to make such creamy and delicious scrambled eggs, you will like to know that it is as simple as place chopped bacon and a little milk.

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It is not guaranteed that you can 100% emulate the kitchen of the grandmothers by making use of these seven secrets, but they will undoubtedly bring you a little closer to achieving it.


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