7 steps to become a regular content creation machine

7 steps to become a regular content creation machine

88% of Internet users obtain information on the Internet before buying in stores, according to a study on connected commerce carried out by DigitasLBi. VShe figure alone sums up the importanceand of content-marketing. Createder content to inform your audience about your theme, your product or your service is simply essential. If you don’t, consumers are likely to turn to content created by your competitors instead.

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Regularity and quantity are the real challenges of content creation. To gain visibility, you have to do a lot, and be present on all marketing channels.

The magnitude of the task may rquickly seem insurmountable. However, there are 7 steps that allow you to become a content creation machine.

Here’s how you can winer more potential customers on the internet through writing, video or podcasting in your favorite format.

Etype 1: Find inspiration in every moment

It is essential to feed the mind constantly. Great content creators are known for to read a lot. For example, you can aim to read one book a week or to create a book club.

But there are many other resources: youtube channels, podcast, blogging, or even social media posts.

You can listen to podcasts on public transport or in your car on the way to work. You can also book a reading slot during the lunch break or before going to bed.

Reading a lot leads to more ideas. You constantly stimulate your intellect.

Here are some additional tips pbear find inspiration.

Do not limit yourself to your theme

Check out content and works that discuss other products or services and see if you can.transpose them into your theme. VS’is a good way to get a new perspective.

Our creativity goes through the plurality of influences and the ability to study works contrary to our own beliefs and ideas.

To take notes

Always have a notebook or useez a note-taking app to record your ideas, like Notion par example. Active learning makes it easier to retain what comes to mind.

You can also record voice notes as ideas strike.

Constantly documenting his life about his ideas, learnings and experiences gives us material to use in our future content creation.

Get inspired by content creators in the United States

The American market is often ahead of the European market. It is always interesting to alfirst see what is being done in the United States on your topic. It’s like if you had a window on the future.

To be effective, you also need to have the right equipment.

Estep 2: Use the tools of the best content creators

To DIY, you need a toolbox. Without the right tools, you won’t be able to work. The same goes for content creation.

So here is alist ofessential tools.

Google Docs

The Google suite is very useful, and in particular the drive where it is possible to store Google Docs documents for free. You don’t need to manually save every 5 minutes.he document is automatically saved as vWe are working on your content.

google doc content writing

You have the possibilitystar of share links and give levels of access: readers, commentators, editors for collaborative work. People you collaborate with can write comments and make suggestions, or edit content.

Using Google Docs allows you to access your content wherever you are, even on someone else’s computer, as long as you have an internet connection: all you have to do is connect to your Google account.

It is also a useful tool for categorizing and organizing your content.

And if your computer abandons you, you lose nothing. Everything is stored in your Google Drive.


You can actiworm voice typing in Google Docs. This feature allows you to write or edit text using voice commands.

To activate this oOption, go to Tools then Voice input. For example, say “highlight [mot] », then « delete » to erase this same word.

Google doc voice typing


Notion is an app for taking notes. It also acts as a database, and provides Kanban board, wiki, calendar, and reminder tools.


It allows you to copy and paste your ideas directly from the application to your document, but also to classify the notes in various notebooks.

In particular, you can record written or voice notes.

Notion allows you to capture elements from the web and integrate them into a notebook.


Use page templates (templates) already made to save time.

Go on in the template library by clicking on “Templates” in the left side column. All you have to do is choose from a wide range of options and click on “Use this template”.


ThanksApp is a online spell checker to revise its content in order to be more credible in writing. It also saves considerable time during the drafting stage.

merciapp creation tool

This tool allows toimprove your spelling and proto pose professional quality content.


Use the Chrome extension to integrate the proofreader with Google Docs. It allows all revisions to be made once your content is ready for publication.

MerciApp can also integrate with over 300 apps, including the most popular ones for content writing:

  • LinkedIn
  • gmail
  • Word
  • Slack
  • Outlook
  • WordPress

merciapp compatibility


This app is essential if you wantlez know how your target audience thinks. It lets you knowre the questions he asks about any subject.



When searching, use a generic term or broad phrase, not a specific term. Instead of “doing a professional retraining in 2022”, look for “professional retraining”.

You will get a larger source of content ideas.


This tool allowsand Didentify the most shared content. Its use is simple: enterez the URL of a site on your theme and you will immediately see the blog posts that generate the most engagement.



To identify the main topics of a theme, look in the most shared content for the keywords that come up most often. You can take inspiration from it to create your own content.



Pbear find the questions that Internet users are asking, go to Reddit/France and enter your subject in the search bar. You will discover interesting conversations.

Check out the conversations with the most views to find out what interests your target audience.



Brian Dean, the founder of Backinko, says Reddit is a veritable gold mine for the copywriting. It is possible to directly use the title of the most commented discussion threads.

For example, by entering “financial investment”, “How to protect yourself from bank failure” appears, which would be a good title for a Facebook advertisement.

There is also: “Investments: stone or the stock market”, or “Investing money from an estate”.

Estep 3: To book a daily slot for content creation

The brain is a muscle. It works best when it is used always at the same time.t. You will save time if you choose a daily slot spendcreated when creating content.

Moreover, it is only by placing a task in his agenda that it is likely to be carried out. This avoids having to start creating content “when time permits”.

Also consider setting deadlines to help you plan your tasks.

Estep 4: Create a plan

To write quality content in quantity, it is necessary make a plan. As for the itinerary of your trip abroad: vou plan your activities before you leave.

Sitting down at your computer, rushing unprepared into writing a great piece of content is a myth. It just doesn’t exist.

The best way to save time is to lay out your content milestones well in advance.

You can use Notion to write the outline, and then move your subsections around to find the most logical sequence.

You can remove and add paragraphs without wasting time. Once the plan is fine-tuned, you move on to writing.

EStep 5: Write in one go

You lock yourself in an office. You put your phone in airplane mode. You forgot your mailbox. And you start.

Write in one go. Don’t stop if an example or illustration is missing.

Don’t slow down because you have a doubt about the spelling of such a name or such a word. This is how you will write 1,500 words in two hours. This is how youyou can significantly increase your production content without sacrifice your sleep.

EStep 6: Edit your content

It is in the next step, once the content is completely written, that you move on to editing.

Add examples to illustrate your point.

Adjust the writing.

Embed images or other resources.

And of course, use a spell checker like MerciApp to give content a professional feel.

Estep 7: Test, analyze, repeat

It’s not possible to know 100% what will work in advance, even using web listening tools like Answerthepublic or Buzzsumo.

Test and analyze content performance. You will be able to identify what webmarketer Larry Kim calls the “unicorns”, i.e. the best performing content.

In SEO, you will use Google analytics. For a blog post or social media post, you look at engagement and the content that gets the most comments.

It is necessary to test, and see what works. And over time, to make improvements.


Efficiency is all about finding a better use of your time, which is what content creation specialists do. You can have fun measuring your performance and timing yourself to see how long you take to write quality content.

Then try to do better each time. The spirit of play is a good motivator.

Also remember to get back in your headyour goal: become a reference on the web in your domain. help yoube audience to solve the problems related to your problem. Ask yourself where you want to be in 1 year, in 5 years, in 10 years.

To go further, download these free templates and easily create messaging around your company, its brands, its products or services and their features.Storytelling models

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