7 tips and examples for a successful page

7 tips and examples for a successful page

The “About us” page, also called “About” or “Our story”, is the second most visited on a website. A real business card, it aims to attract prospects to other pages and reduce the bounce rate. It must be captivating, enhance the company and above all allow the reader to feel close to the brand.

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It is a fixed page, which is not intended to be updated. Its content must therefore be timeless and timeless.

Define the target customer and their needs

To write a good “About” page, it is essential to know the target of the site. Indeed, this page is intended for potential customers, it is therefore necessary to define their needs upstream, the language best suited to address them as well as the type of content to be presented to them as a priority.

When reading this page, visitors should feel the center of attention, identify with the brand’s history and its values, and quickly understand how it can help.

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This definition of the target can go through the creation of personas, semi-fictitious representations which make it possible to determine the different typologies of customers and to adapt the speech in order to better captivate them.

Clotilde Dusoulier’s blog “Changemavie” offers personal development programs for those who wish to regain control of their emotions and thoughts. The tone and words used on her About page are mostly empathetic. The reader quickly identifies with his story and has only one desire, that of clicking on the coaching page to find out more.

Page who am I Changemavie

Focus on storytelling

Using the technique of storytelling in an “About us” page is perfectly suited. It is about telling a story in order to create emotion and make the visitor want to discover the site. No need for sensationalism, just to find the right words that will touch the readers and allow them to identify with the history of the brand. You should not hesitate, depending on the target and the specialty of the site, to use sad or happy anecdotes, or to dare touches of humor, the main thing being to bring the reader back to his own experience.

HubSpot’s ‘About’ page uses storytelling to introduce its founders and how they came to create this platform.

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About us page HubSpot

Consider using copywriting in headlines

It is essential to spend time writing the titles of the different parts of the “About Us” page. Indeed, they are the ones the Internet user sees first, so they must be eye-catching to attract attention.

First, titles should address the reader directly, emphasizing the use of personal pronouns, and then clearly present the interests they will derive from the site visit.

The titles must encourage clicks without being touting. It is advisable to bet instead on intriguing headlines that say enough, but not too much so that the visitor always wants to read the rest.

Cécile Hennerolles’ blog “Make it a book” catches the reader from the first sentence of the “About” page by calling out with a powerful number. She then uses copywritten titles that make you want to continue.

  • To be a writer in addition to the rest.
  • How do you decide to finally write a book?
  • To be edited, a dream that can come true.
  • Why am I telling you all this?
  • What if we tried the adventure of writing?

About page Make a book

Use concrete information

Once the target is interested in the brand’s history, it’s time to make it credible. And for this, different means exist.

  • Insert testimonials from clients or colleagues.
  • Integrate quantified results.
  • Highlight a press article about the company.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and expertise by displaying diplomas or certificates.

The “About” page of the Shopify e-commerce platform contains figures on its development and its community as well as a section with press releases concerning them.

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Shopify About Page

Integrate visual elements

To increase the performance of the “About us” page, the integration of visual elements such as the logo, photos, videos or even graphics has many advantages.

  • Make reading more enjoyable.
  • Arouse emotion.
  • Make the speech concrete.
  • Introduce the team.

The “Oh my cream” site uses visual content to showcase its designer, team and products.

About us page Oh my cream

Create interaction with the audience

The “Who are we” page is visited by many Internet users, so it seems appropriate to use it to engage them on the brand.

For this, it is advisable to include links to extend the visitors’ journey. It can be:

  • Place buttons at the foot of the page that will allow readers to be redirected to social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Integrate call-to-action, such as subscribing to the site’s newsletter or receiving a white paper, for example.
  • Insert links in the body of the text referring the user to other pages of the site.

The “About” page of “Cupcakes and Cashmere” includes all the useful links to the founder’s social networks as well as a call-to-action that leads to her online store.

About us page Cupcakes and cashmere

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