7 types of tacos you have to try when you visit Mexico

7 types of tacos you have to try when you visit Mexico

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Mexico is characterized by having a great variety of tacos | Manuel Velasquez / Getty Images

There is no doubt that anyone who goes to Mexico should eat their classic and delicious tacos. But the truth is that there is such a large variety, that the important thing is always to delight in the best known and classic ones.

That is why below we give you a list with the seven types of tacos that you can not miss trying if you visit the Aztec country.

This option is based on meat sweetened in butter and orange. Yes, although it may seem like a rare combination to some, it is highly sought after in Mexico. In addition, experts say that it should be accompanied with lemon, green sauce or pico de gallo.

They are one of the simplest, but the irresistible flavor has to do with the seasoned oil bath that they carry in their three varieties: potato, beans and greaves. These tacos are sold by bicycle riders who walk through the different Mexican cities.

As this food is suitable for all audiences, lovers of marine products also get an option, in which the fish is previously battered in a mix of flour, egg, beer and brandy. Then they are fried and finally accompanied with cream, onion, avocado, lemon or whatever you like.

In Mexico they are unmistakable, mainly for their presentation in a clay basket. This option offers a variety of dishes ranging from potato slices or stuffed chilies to cooked eggs with rice. If those who add even more flavor, do not hesitate to accompany it with a rich sauce or chili.

This plate is one of the most requested by construction workers, although it is now extended to all people. In the case of the taco placero, roasted or boiled nopales are placed on the traditional omelette and avocado, pico de gallo, chicharrón and white cheese are added to that.

They are the most popular and their variety is so great that you never know which one to keep: the casings, those submerged in their juice or the delicious steak with cheese in a blue tortilla. Depending on where you are, you will see which is the most chosen.

These are the most famous and although the recipe originates from Arabian countries, in Mexico they managed to give it their own style and create a new alternative with marinated pork. Witnessing its preparation is also a pleasure, since the cook rotates it while cooking and in a professional way takes out the pieces of meat that he will use. These are seasoned with pineapple, lemon, sauce and coriander.

With this varied amount of tacos, you already have a delicious plan when you visit Mexico, while enjoying its adorable landscapes.

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