7 uses of olive oil that you don’t know

7 usos del aceite de oliva que desconoces

Commonly, the olive oil It plays a crucial role in eating by allowing us to cook many meals and dishes. However, this substance can be used for situations very different from this one, as you will see below.

one. Moisturize the skin

According to an article from the Better with Health portal, olive oil can be a unexpected ally in the fight against dry skin. It would only be necessary to apply a few droplets and spread them on the skin to test their effectiveness.

two. Natural makeup remover

There are people who use olive oil as a natural makeup remover. Best of all is that seems to respond appropriately to all skin types. However, we must point out that there is no scientific research that certifies the effectiveness of this use of olive oil.

3. Shaving base

Applying a little olive oil in the areas where we would shave would promote a less irritation and redness in her. This applies to men and women alike.

Four. Pot cleaner

Those who use olive oil as a pot cleaner maintain that it facilitates the cleaning of these objects. For this, it would be necessary apply a few drops on the surface of the pot and rub with a fiber. Afterward, you should rinse and use detergent to continue washing as you always do.

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5. Stove cleaner

As with pots, olive oil can help us a lot to clean the stove. The procedure would be the same: we apply a few drops of the substance and rub with a non-scratch surface. Make sure the stove is turned off or unplugged as long as you do this.

6. Useful for sore throat

Supposedly ingesting 1 tablespoon of olive oil would help decrease the pain and inflammation of sore throats. However, there are no studies that prove the effectiveness of this use of olive oil.

7. Natural lubricant

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By last, olive oil acts satisfactorily as a natural lubricant simply for being an oil. This makes you susceptible to many different uses, such as lubricating creaking doors or windows or another metal object that constantly generates friction.

How you dress, olive oil is open to several different uses, making it a highly versatile resource worth having close by.


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