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$ 72 billion was spent on the App Store in 2020


- Advertisment -$ 72 billion was spent on the App Store in 2020

Yet at the heart of all criticism this year, Apple’s platform, the App Store, hit record revenue levels in 2020. According to a SensorTower report, more than $ 72 billion was spent on the Apple platform. Apple. An increase of 30% compared to the 55 billion spent in 2019 on the platform. The same phenomenon was reported on the other major application downloads platform, Google Play, which experienced the same increase in its revenues (+ 30%).

SensorTower explains that despite the emergence of several sectors, it is still the purchases of applications, but especially mobile games that concentrate the vast majority of purchases made on the App Store. According to the document, the latter brought in nearly $ 50 billion in 2020. While at the same time, the number 1 game, Fortnite, was excluded from the platform at the beginning of the year.

Mobile games responsible for 71% of in-app purchases in 2020

This very lucrative part of the App Store has seen its numbers increase by 25% year over year. But SensorTower immediately tries to temper them. The confinements that conditioned this year 2020 may have affected these results, and a drop in revenue in this sector in 2021 is to be expected for SensorTower. Meanwhile, Honor of Kings, Tencent’s game has hit the jackpot in this year. According to the report, it was he who grossed the most on the App Store.

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Another application that broke the screen during this year 2020 is obviously TikTok. The Byte Dance app has become a real phenomenon over the past twelve months and has grossed over $ 1 billion on the iOS platform alone. It is one of the most profitable apps of 2020 on the App Store, but also, by far, the one with the greatest growth. 600% in one year.

More generally, social networking and entertainment applications have seen their revenues explode during this year. SensorTower explains that the part “Entertainment” of the App Store generated almost $ 5 billion in spending. Among the largest applications responsible for this traffic, Netflix, Disney +, but also music and video streaming applications (Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, Twitch, etc.)

A particular year, which does not represent a “classic” activity

The report also underlines that as a whole, the smartphone market had reached an “extraordinary growth” during this year 2020. SensorTower expects a year 2021 in slight decline, where users would find a “classic” use of their devices. devices reducing de facto the number of purchases they are likely to make on the App Store in the next 12 months.

The 2020 numbers are expected, with the expansion of iPhones across the world, to become the norm in a few years, but for now, they are still a bit ahead of their time.

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- Advertisement -$ 72 billion was spent on the App Store in 2020$ 72 billion was spent on the App Store in 2020

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- Advertisement -$ 72 billion was spent on the App Store in 2020$ 72 billion was spent on the App Store in 2020

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