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8 foods that hide dairy


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Lactose, casein, and caseinates are often added to processed meats and deli meats.

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If by allergy, intolerance or by choice you avoid dairy, you should know that there are some foods that, although it may not seem so, hide dairy products such as milk and its derivatives.

They don’t always come in such obvious forms as cream, cheese, butter, ice cream, and yogurt. There are products that have casein (a milk protein), caseinate, lactate, lactic acid, lactalbumin and lactylate among its ingredients. Here are some examples of foods you should be careful with and check always label before buying or consuming.

Big wave

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Traditional granola is made with raw grains, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds where a sweetener and butter or oil are also mixed.

Canned walnuts

8 foods that hide dairy
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the nuts with taste they may also contain dairy in their covering.


8 foods that hide dairy
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Lactose, casein, and caseinates are often added to processed meats and deli meats to act as an emulsifier, binder, or to contribute to flavor. Products labeled “Kosher” will be dairy-free.

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Canned tuna

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Canned tuna may contain hydrolyzed caseinate.


8 foods that hide dairy
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Margarine may contain added whey or casein ingredients.

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Vegetarian cheese

8 foods that hide dairy
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Soy, walnut, and rice-based cheeses may also contain some type of casein or whey protein to improve its texture and flavor. Cheeses labeled “vegan” do not contain dairy.

Chicken soup

debugging broth
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Chicken stock and broth may contain protein or milk solids.

Artificial sweeteners

8 foods that hide dairy
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Artificial sweetener tablets or powders often contain lactose as a vehicle. A vehicle is defined as a substance (usually liquid) used as a means of suspending or dissolving the ingredient.



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