8 home remedies to heal bruises

8 remedios caseros para curar los moretones

The bruise, also known as a bruise, arises when an injury breaks the blood vessels, which causes a mark to be generated due to the blood that is trapped under the skin surface. There are different home remedies that can cure them, and here we will show you some of them.

1. Ice

According to the Hello Doctor portal, ice is one of the most popular. The cold causes the blood vessels to constrict, allowing the inflammation to subside. It also makes the affected area numb and the pain is also reduced.

2. Arnica

It is used to calm the pain of bruises. It has analgesic properties, thanks to its components, such as helenaline and dihydrohelenaline; These elements, added to their alcohols, produce an anti-inflammatory effect.

3. Onion

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The onion contains allinase, which is the chemical that produces tears when it is bitten; but it also stimulates the lymphatic flow, which contributes to the blood not forming the bruise, by avoiding its accumulation. After the blow, an onion wheel should be applied so that the bruise does not appear.

4. Aloe

Or aloe vera, contains among other properties, acibar, which contains properties that help regenerate and prevent inflammation. So, by rubbing a portion of aloe, it prevents bruising from appearing, relieves pain and reduces inflammation in the affected part.

5. Salt

Not only does it serve as a seasoning for meals, it also helps relieve bumps. Sodium chloride absorbs the intercellular fluid, reducing inflammation and relieving pain. Also, it works as a natural anti-inflammatory.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Apple vinager
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Vinegar should be used in gauze and gently rubbed on the affected area. Doing so will help circulation, causing stagnant blood to dissipate.

7. Potatoes

Potato poultice helps relieve pain and reduces swelling from the bump. Catalase, an enzyme that has this food, contributes to maintaining healthy cells.

8. Garlic

Garlic supplements.
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Garlic is another of the home remedies to heal bruises. Its antioxidant properties help tissue regeneration. To do this, apply its juice on the bruise. If consumed raw, it will help blood circulation.

Now, if the appearance of the bruise remains, or even if it appears for no reason, it is advisable to go to the doctor for a proper evaluation.


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