8 Tools to Compress Your Images Online (Free and Easy)

Do you want to be able to compress any JPG, PNG or Gif image so that they impact your loading time as little as possible? Do you want to use free but powerful compression tools? This list of 8 online tools to compress and convert any photo or image should interest you!

The loading time of the web pages of your site is now a very important positioning factor on Google.

One of the first things to optimize on a site when looking at optimizing the display performance of a site is the weight of its images (and their dimensions).

Indeed, it is very often useless to integrate images with very high resolutions because, even compressed or converted into a lighter image format, they will have almost the same visual rendering for Internet users.

Before compressing your images online: some prerequisites

1- Make sure your images are properly resized and displayed (on your website) to users in the exact dimensions corresponding to your resize : if you load larger images than you really need, you will unnecessarily load a heavier image when you could, at equal quality, call a lighter image and therefore less penalizing for your SEO.

2- Check that, depending on the terminal used, the images displayed to Internet users are indeed in appropriate dimensions. For example, you do not need to load an image that is 1200 px wide on a smartphone that is 650. To do this, use the “inspect” or “inspect element” function of your favorite browser (Chrome for example). ) then switch to preview mode (CTRL + Shift + M on Chrome) in order to choose the device and the desired screen width to confuse your tests.

3- Choose an image format adapted to the type of visual to compress it as much as possible without losing quality. For a logo or icons with few colors for example, prefer the .PNG format by opting for the PNG8 format which allows you to choose a limited number of colors and therefore reduce the total weight of the image (this option is available on Photoshop via the “Save for web” section). For a more complex photo or image, prefer the .jpeg or .webp image format to compress the image as much as possible while affecting its quality as little as possible (a compression level of 60 on the jpeg is a very good start for most photos and only slightly alters the perceived quality of the image).

8 online tools to compress or convert any image or photo

Here is a list of 6 powerful tools to efficiently compress any image and convert them into the most suitable and lightest format possibledepending on the type of image and the browser compatibility sought.

1- Squoosh.app: the most complete online compression tool

sqoosh app compression pictures

Here is an overview of the Squoosh.app interface. In this example, a 193MB photo has been compressed into a 200KB image, which is 90% lighter.

Website: https://squoosh.app/

Squoosh.app allows you to preview in real time the slightest modification of quality and the gains on the final weight of the image according to all the settings configured.

Once the image is sufficiently compressed for your eyes, you can download it in one click.

This 100% free compression tool is clearly the most complete for us, although it does not allow you to process several images at the same time. However, it is not the easiest to use for beginners since many options are configurable and available.

2- Compressor.io: a tool to compress any image (PNG, Gif, JPG, SVG)

compressor io compression pictures

Overview of Compressor.io compression tool online interface

Website: https://compressor.io/

Compatible with 4 image formats (PNG, Jpg, Gif and SVG), compressor offers two simple options:

  • Lossless compression (no loss of quality perceptible by the Internet user)
  • or Lossy compression to save the maximum KB on your images (a loss of quality and pixelation of the image is however possible and visible when this option is selected).

Just like the previous tool, Compressor.io allows you to preview in real time the possible loss of quality of the image after compression and before uploading it.

When you save your image, the name of the image automatically begins with “compressor”, remember to rename them correctly to optimize the referencing of your images on Google Images.

3- TinyPNG and TinyJPG: compress your .jpg and .png online

tinypng compression images

Overview of the TinyPNG compression tool online interface

Website: https://tinypng.com/
Website: https://tinyjpg.com/

Alternatives to the two other tools presented above, these two variants are also powerful but have a slightly less accomplished interface that does not allow the preview of the results in real time.

Nevertheless, the interest of these two solutions is to be able to compress up to 20 images at the same timewhich can be very useful when you have a large volume of visuals to compress and you don’t want to choose the smallest detail as is possible with the first compression tool.

4- WebConverter: to compress and convert any image to .webp format

webp converter convert jpg to webp and image compression

Here is an overview of the WebPConverter tool’s minimalist interface. By clicking on “Options”, you will have access to the choice of quality. During our test, we transformed a 1.93 MB image into a 133 KB webP image (with choice of quality level at 70), i.e. a loss of 14.5 times its initial weight after conversion.

Website: https://webp-converter.com/

The .webp format, acclaimed by Google, is a new image format that allows you to compress images even more, without loss of quality (or almost).

This online tool allows you to convert any image to .webp in a few clicks but above all also to choose a quality percentage between 0 and 100, allowing you to save even more in KB after conversion.

Please note, however, that not all browsers support this format yet:

webp image format browser compatibility

Here is an overview of the browser versions that support the WebP format (Chrome, Opera, Edge and soon Firefox)

Google Chrome, which remains the most used browser in France and in the world, supports it well on its side as well as Edge, Opera and soon Firefox. Safari does not currently plan to support the format, so you will always need to set up a backup image if you want to optimize compatibility for all Internet users.

5- EzGif: a powerful alternative to convert from jpg to webp and more

ezgif conversion webp images

Here is an overview of the EzGif interface to convert almost any image to WebP and other sformats

Website: https://ezgif.com/jpg-to-webp

If the first tool does not give you complete satisfaction, this second online tool also allows you to convert any .jpg image into a compressed .webp format (without however offering the choice of quality option).

The interest of this last free online tool is also to be able to convert almost any image into the desired format, without having to go through Photoshop or another paid tool of this type. Very convenient !

6 – Bulk Resize: the batch image processing tool

Bulk Resize is a very handy tool that allows you to batch process images. Its interface is extremely clear, you just need to drag the desired images to the home page of the site, then set the processing parameters.

The tool is obviously 100% free and it works online, directly on their site, and without registration, the time saving is substantial.

There are 6 different processing options for images. We find of course the compression: for that, it will be necessary to select “Size of the file”. Then you have to set maximum file sizethe export format (JPG, PNG or WEBP) as well as the image quality. For PNG images, it is even possible to define a background color to apply.

Bulk Resize: the tool to compress images by batch

Bulk Resize: the tool to compress images by batch

Apart from compression, you can also process images by resizing with a percentage of the original dimensions, with precise dimensions, relative to height, width or according to the longest side.

If you use the same settings very often, you can save even more time by bookmarking the URL. Just click on the URL and the defined parameters will already be integrated.

7 – Optimizilla

Optimizilla is an image compression tool super simplified. Indeed, it allows to obtain the desired rendering in a few clicks.

All you have to do is insert one or more images (up to 20). Only formats JPG and PNG are accepted, and you cannot convert in the tool.

To modify the quality parameters, click on the targeted image in the queue then scroll. You will then come to a kind of compression pre-render with a before and an after that can be moved from right to left. You can then define the desired quality with the parameter on the right, and see in real time what it will look like.

This feature of preview is very practical because it allows to compress to the maximum while keeping a visually pleasing quality.

Compress images with Optimizilla

Compress images with Optimizilla

8 – Smush: the WordPress plugin to compress the images of your site

Smush is a bit different from the previous ones we have presented. It is indeed a WordPress plug-in which will make it possible to optimize and compress the images directly from the administrator interface of the very famous CMS.

The weight of the images can have an impact on the performance of your website. This kind of tool will allow you to solve these problems in a few clicks. Smush detects images that are too heavy and allows you to compress them directly.

He can treat up to 50 images at once. The only small problem is that the size of these must be less than 5 MB. You will be able to process your images in different formats: PNG, JPG, GIF and even in WEBP on Pro accounts.

This plugin is completely free and unlimited, ideal for optimizing the loading time of your website in a few clicks.

Compress images in WordPress with Smush

Compress images in WordPress with Smush

You now know the best compression tools for your images. If you have another one to recommend, do not hesitate to share it in the comments or on our social networks.

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