8 tools to create a quiz for free (+ best practices)

8 tools to create a quiz for free (+ best practices)

Creating a quiz increases the attractiveness of the content. The quiz is interactive: the user who navigates on the website or on the social network is no longer just a spectator, he enjoys becoming an actor during his navigation. The quiz is fun: the interest of the participant is all the better aroused as the experience is similar to a game, which it is pleasant to play.

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For the quiz creator, this is an opportunity not only to generate traffic, but also to collect data for analysis. Distance learning institutions use it extensively to test the skills of their students; the company also uses it, either internally to collect opinions or assess employee knowledge, or to generate leads. If the quiz commonly refers to the notion of test, key notation, it is by definition a questionnaire. From a web development perspective, the quiz is simply a form.

How to create an online quiz?

Creating an online quiz no longer requires mastering coding techniques. Intuitive tools, such as SaaS platform or software, now make it possible to design the questionnaire step by step, easily and free of charge, to distribute it to the relevant location and then obtain the results. Once the tool has been chosen, the creation of the quiz involves three steps: design, dissemination and data analysis.

Design the quiz

The first step to creating a quiz involves designing the quiz.

  1. Thinking about the structure: it is a question of determining a logical order for the sequence of questions and answers, according to the object of the quiz.
  2. Decide on the format: the quiz can offer answers in the form of radio buttons, be presented in the form of MCQs with checkboxes in the event of multiple choices, offer free fields or even drop-down menus. The questionnaire, of course, can alternate between the different formats. Note that most quiz creation tools offer custom templates, as well as a drag-and-drop editor, for ease of use.
  3. Write the questions and answers.
  4. Customize the quiz: depending on the tools, features allow you to add personalization elements. The quiz, for example, can show the participant’s grade and correction, or include a timer; the competition can be enriched with photos and videos; the online satisfaction questionnaire can display comments to the participant’s answers, and end with a CTA button to redirect the customer to a relevant web page.
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Broadcast the quiz

The second step is to broadcast the quiz on the destination media. The distribution methods differ according to the tools.

  • Distribution methods: once the quiz has been created, the tool generates a hypertext link, a QR code or even a widget.
  • Distribution media: the creator of the quiz can display the questionnaire online on a page of its website and on its social networks, and distribute it as part of an e-mailing campaign.

Concretely: the creator of the quiz who obtains the hypertext link inserts it in a post on a social network or in the body of a marketing e-mail; the user who clicks on the link is redirected to the landing page hosted on the website of the quiz creator, where he can answer the questionnaire. When the quiz creator retrieves the quiz integration tags, he can embed the quiz directly on the page of his choice, or display it as a pop-up. Some quiz creation tools allow the quiz to be shared in a newsletter: the recipient participates in the quiz directly in the email.

Collect results

Creating a quiz, whatever it is, allows the company to improve its “customer” knowledge. If the stakes are lower in the context of a quiz created for purely entertainment purposes, many questionnaires are distributed for the purpose of exploiting the answers. This is particularly the case of knowledge tests for students of training organizations, surveys and market studies or lead conversion forms. This is why quiz creation tools help collect results and analyze data.

To effectively exploit the results of participation, it is important to have data updated in real time, and processed automatically. The report is presented in the form of graphs and curves, to easily visualize and understand the results: number of respondents over time, average score and ranking of participants or even click-through rate on the CTA. Advanced functionalities, data filtering for example, make it possible to refine the analysis by respondent segment.

The statistics can be exported, in PDF or Excel formats, to share the results with the employees concerned in the company.

8 free tools to create an online quiz

An online quiz creation tool, generally accessible as a solution in SaaS mode, allows you to create form-type content without programming knowledge. The form is useful for multiple purposes:

  • Propose a contest, in the form of a fun test, to entertain its audience and animate its community by offering interactive content.
  • Evaluate the skills of its students remotely, or question the knowledge of its employees internally on a central subject in the company.
  • Generate leads with a newsletter sign-up or event participation form.
  • Do a survey or a satisfaction survey, to help make strategic decisions in business.
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Some tools for creating an online quiz are specifically adapted to one or other of the uses. Whatever the use, it is important to take into account the essential selection criteria:

  • Ease of use: on the creative side, the tool must be intuitive to facilitate the creation of the quiz. On the participant side, the broadcast format must be simple to encourage responses.
  • Models and languages: the creator of the quiz can consult the catalog to make sure he finds a framework suitable for the questionnaire he wishes to create.
  • The functionalities: each tool offers distinct functionalities, types of fields and addition of multimedia content for example, to be checked before choosing.
  • Compatibility: for an optimal user experience, it is important that the quiz is displayed correctly on all browsers, and on all types of screens, whether mobile or not.
  • The price: the tools generally offer a free trial version, with or without display of advertising. The price of the paid versions is variable.

The HubSpot tool to convert visitors into leads

create a quiz with HubSpot

HubSpot’s free online form builder is great for marketing use. The templates, registration form or contact form for example, are designed to collect the information necessary to convert site visitors into leads. The tool offers an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to customize fields.

The advanced features of the HubSpot form builder:

  • Dynamic intelligent forms, to gradually and effectively refine customer knowledge, up to the automatic registration of the qualified lead in the CRM.
  • An automatic workflow, to trigger the sending of a relevant communication following the submission of a form, and to improve performance in the context of lead nurturing.

The price: free, integrated with the HubSpot CRM.

Typeform: creator of online quizzes, polls, forms and surveys

create a quiz with Typeform

The Typeform platform offers a very large number of templates to adapt to all uses of the online form. The tool is therefore aimed at both teachers and marketers. Its main advantage: it can be integrated into many applications, such as Slack, MailChimp or HubSpot. The creator thus distributes his quiz via multiple media, and benefits from the analysis features of Google Analytics.

The price: the basic functionalities are accessible for free. Typeform offers different subscription plans, starting at €21 per month, in particular to increase the potential number of respondents.

Google Forms, the simple and effective application from Google

create a quiz with google forms

The Google Forms application allows you to create a simple form and analyze the responses in real time. Beyond satisfaction surveys and online customer reviews, Google Forms offers event invitation and registration forms. Getting started with the tool is very intuitive, and the statistics are displayed in a very visual way. Thanks to the responsive design, the survey participant can answer from any device, mobile, tablet and computer.

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The price: free.

Drag’n Survey online questionnaire software

create a quiz with Drag'n Survey

Personality quiz, knowledge test, market study, survey or survey: the Drag’n Survey online tool is suitable for a multitude of uses. The platform is intuitive, and the configurator offers a high level of questionnaire customization. The company can configure several accounts, for each employee concerned.

The price: free. Drag’n Survey offers paid versions, from 24 to 49 € per month, for advanced features such as the display of the brand logo or the multilingual questionnaire.

SurveyMonkey online survey site

create a quiz with SurveyMonkey

The SurveyMonkey software allows you to create survey-type quizzes: market studies for company decision-makers, and satisfaction surveys for employees or customers. SurveyMonkey offers advanced data analysis features, including word clouds, and data sharing in various operating formats.

The price: the BASIC subscription is free. For professional use, SurveyMonkey builds a tailor-made subscription with the company.

Qruiz, the free and easy questionnaire editor

create a quiz with Qruiz

Qruiz is a basic tool to easily and quickly create an online quiz. The questionnaire can be distributed using a hypertext link, or by QR code. The platform allows an unlimited number of participants, and provides the quiz creator with real-time answers in the form of graphs.

The price: free, without ads.

Quizizz, the quiz tool dedicated to distance learning

create a quiz with quizizz

Initially reserved for the education sector, the online tool Quizizz also offers companies the possibility of creating quizzes, internally for their employees or addressed to their customers. The user creates the questionnaire in a few clicks, engages his target on all devices, and receives the results. Quizizz is renowned for creating strong engagement between students and their teachers.

The price: free.

Fyrebox: the quiz to generate leads or teach students

create a quiz with Fyrebox

The Fyrebox quiz creation tool is distinguished by a particularity: the questionnaire can be distributed in two formats, one classic and the other conversational to adapt to mobile use. Dedicated to both teachers and companies, Fyrebox is easy to use and offers many display customization options.

The price: free. From €20 per month in white label, and to benefit from extended integrations.

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