80,000 Euro 4 motorcycles may be blocked at dealerships | Motorcycles

80,000 Euro 4 motorcycles may be blocked at dealerships | Motorcycles

January 1, 2021 should take effect Euro 5 regulations emissions for motorcycles. Is he deadline provided by the European Union to start selling motors with more advanced efficiency solutions, replacing the current ones Euro 4 that were imposed in 2016.

The manufacturers in the sector they counted on having the 2020 exercise to output the units that will be out of date for commercialization with this new legislation. The coronavirus crisis, Needless to say, it has disrupted all these forecasts and generates a serious problem to brands and their dealers.

The drop in registrations of the five largest European markets (France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain) was 39.6% during the month of March in relation to the same period of the previous month. A decrease that was accentuated, logically, in April when reaching 96% in the most affected markets.

A cataclysm that occurs, if that were not enough, in the busiest time of year for the motorcycle sector. During March, April and May concentrate a large part of the operations of each exercise, with which the manufacturers envision a very hopeless outlook for the remainder of the course. Thus, they can reach January 1 with tens of thousands of Euro 4 motorcycles stored and without legal possibility to sell them from that date.

That is why from the Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) have asked the European Commission a moratorium on the application of Euro 5, extending the term in which during the next year can continue to enroll units with the current Euro 4 approval.

According to the estimates of the Spanish employers in the ANESDOR sector, they are about 80,000 affected units for this problem. If not authorized extension of deadlines for sale, a very serious collapse in dealerships, enough even to jeopardize their survival.

This is explained by the general secretary of the association, José María Riaño: “A moratorium is necessary for the liquidation of the Euro 4 motorcycles, on the contrary they could not be sold. He Ministry of Industry is working to defend this situation, it is a problem that affects us significantly. We trust to continue collaborating until achieve a satisfactory solution for Spain”.

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