85-year-old Canadian rescued by his Apple Watch

Apple Watch

It is common to hear stories extolling the merits of the Apple Watch since the appearance of the “fall detection” feature. And the connected watch from the Cupertino company has once again demonstrated the extent of its functionality, saving a life a few days ago in Canada. It has become one of the most popular pieces in Apple’s range in just a few years, becoming the world’s best-selling watch, ahead of historic watchmaking firms.

Apple entered the smartwatch market with one goal: to make it the perfect everyday assistant. It is now able, thanks to its multiple sensors, to prevent risks and to react quickly, and well. This is the case of a vile 85-year-old man who was rescued in time by the police in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, when this elderly person, living alone, had just had a very bad fall. .

Indeed, this person suffered a faintness and the option of detection of fall of his connected watch then panicked. The watch first sent an automated message to Canadian police. The latter, not really used to this kind of automatic distress message, took a few minutes to understand where the problem came from.

The watch surely saved his life

In addition to this alert message, the police were also given access to the microphone of the watch, which allowed the police to hear the barking of a dog, completely panicked by the situation. Finally, by searching a little, the police were able to obtain all the information necessary to carry out the intervention (name of the person, address, but also their medical history).

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As the person was unconscious, the police had no idea why he fell and therefore had to prepare for all scenarios. Finally, the police managed to arrive on the scene. The man had fallen on his head so the wound had to be dressed quickly, and once the victim could be treated they contacted his daughter to warn her of what had just happened.

Without his Apple Watch, this man would possibly have died of his injuries, the bleeding being quite severe. In the end, everything ends well in this story, and Agent Barett, who carried out the first aid, assures us that he should be “completely handed over to celebrate Christmas with the family”, all with a great story to tell.

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