9 Criteria for Choosing a Freelance SEO Consultant

As you probably know, there are independent service providers in many areas, especially in that of natural referencing.

If working with such a profile can help you gain visibility on search engines like Googlehowever, you have to be sure to choose the best one (for you).

To do this, let me give you some tips to best sort out the different providers on the market.

Reminder on who is the Freelance SEO:

In order to better understand the question and to have all the information necessary to make your choice, let’s remember what an SEO freelancer is and what their missions are.

This type of profile has a clear objective: to be paid to reference the sites of its customers on Google. He sells his site optimization services in this way and generally works with several clients on a monthly basis.

The SEO freelancer is generally a self-taught profile, having learned to position websites on Google by carrying out its own tests or by following dedicated training courses.

For more information on freelancing SEO, visit this page.

Why would you want to call on this type of expert?

For his involvement in the field of SEO

Just like the SEO agency, the freelancer is an external service provider 100% dedicated to your SEO. Contrary to a digital provider touching on different channels, he is an expert in a specific channel: natural referencing.

If in some areas the fact of not being specialized does not pose a problem, it is quite different for that of SEO. Indeed, this channel requires constant monitoring, and training for years in order to be competent and “up to date”.

Thus, there is no better service provider to choose than the one who spends his weeks optimizing these clients’ sites for Google, and collecting all types of SEO-related information.

For the advantages offered by a freelance service

Let’s get out of the very context of SEO, and instead look at the notion of freelance as such.

All fields combined, outsourcing an action to a freelancer allows several comparative advantages:

  1. Affordable costs: unlike if you used a specialized agency, work with an SEO freelancer will generally be less expensive for a similar service from a purely SEO point of view
  2. Good working flexibility: the freelancer being independent by definition, he is perfectly able to adapt these working hours according to the needs of customers over time
  3. A good reactivity: flexibility rhymes with reactivity, the independent SEO expert will know how to react perfectly to the various unexpected situations related to the world of referencing (MaJ Google, SEO penalties, evolution of competitors, etc.)

The criteria for choosing your Freelance SEO Consultant:

freelance seo consultants

Now let’s get to the nerve of this post, here are the 9 criteria to take into account for choose the best SEO freelancer :

1- Experience in SEO

One of the criteria to take into account when choosing your future service provider is his number of years of experience.

It is obvious that this criterion alone is not enough to judge the competence of a freelance service provider, but it can allow you to deepen the subject if the freelancer you have in front of you is a junior.

2- His training in natural referencing

Even more important than the seniority of the consultant in the field of SEO, the way in which he was trained will necessarily have had an impact on his current effectiveness.

Here, several answers can be given by the SEO consultant, among them:

  • Worked in an SEO agency
  • Worked at advertiser
  • Trained with his sites / tests
  • Trained with another independent consultant

And so on ! The idea is not to consider that one training method is better than the others, but rather to know what type of training the freelancer has followed and what it has brought him.

3- The results obtained in SEO

Who doesn’t want to work with a consultant who gets good results for them and their clients?

Knowing the ROI of the strategies of the consultant you have in front of you should be the number 1 selection factor. Unfortunately, it is difficult to obtain this kind of information, which is often confidential.

However, it is possible that the freelancer you are interacting with has personal projects, for which sharing the results is not a problem.

4- The pedagogy of the consultant

Even if the main objective of an SEO service is not that you progress, it is essential to work with an educational consultant.

Indeed, natural referencing is a fairly technical acquisition channel, difficult to understand and requiring a lot of explanations from the service provider.

5- Black hat or White hat?

Do you know the difference between a white hat freelance SEO consultant and blackhat?

The white will make sure to respect the rules of conduct dictated by Google as much as possible, where a black hat will seek to deceive the algorithm.

While both approaches can be effective, there is a strong preference for white hat in the long term, with black hat responding more to the problem of gaining visibility in the short term.

6- Freelance SEO references

If the freelancer you are analyzing has a showcase site, you will surely find a list of some of his clients there.

If so, what prevents you from getting in touch with them to ask them directly what they thought of their performance?

7- Its SEO tools and process

By discussing directly with the freelancer in natural referencing that you have in front of you, you will inevitably learn more about his way of working, his tools etc.

On this point, even if you do not necessarily master the world of SEO servicesyou will quickly realize whether the consultant knows what he is talking about or not.

8- Its daily rate

Of course, whether by receiving a quote or talking to the freelancer, you will know how much he charges for his services.

If you already have in mind a budget that you can allocate to optimizing your website for search engines, then this information will allow you to sort out the different providers that you may have in front of you.

9- Its responsiveness

Although freelance providers are generally flexible in the way they work, their responsiveness is never the same from one consultant to another.

Thus, during your first exchanges, you will be able to get an idea of ​​the responsiveness and general seriousness of the professional.

Freelance platforms, good or bad idea?

If you are actively looking for a freelance SEO consultantthen you may have already consulted one or more platforms listing different freelance SEO profiles.

These platforms can be a good solution for you, especially if you are looking for a low-cost service.

On the other hand, be aware that the most competent SEO freelancers are not necessarily on these platforms, it’s up to you!

How to quickly contact a Freelance SEO Consultant?

Apart from the platforms, what better than to type “freelance SEO consultant” in Google to find the consultants positioning themselves on this query?

In addition to directly checking the skills of the freelancers you find, this will allow you to contact them quickly via their respective sites.

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