9 foods you should keep out of the refrigerator

9 alimentos que debes conservar fuera del refrigerador

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We usually see the refrigerator as the best place for food preservation. However, there are some of them that hold best at room temperature, like the ones we will see next.

one. Chocolate

According to an article on the Saber Vivir portal, keeping chocolate in the refrigerator is a major mistake because, over time, it will cause a chocolate to form on it. white coating that will inevitably change its flavor.

two. Tomatoes

When it is at room temperature, the tomato continues to develop its ripening process, obtaining more components that increase its aroma and flavor. Tomatoes lose their properties in the fridge.

3. Serrano ham

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The cold alters the aroma and flavor of Serrano ham. However, if you have sliced ​​it, you can save it if you use a plastic wrap so that it is almost vacuum packed.

Four. Bread

The flavor of the bread changes if we keep it in the fridge, which is why it is preferable to leave it in a dry and cool place.

5. Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion harden and lose their properties at low temperatures. Like bread, they should be in a cool, dry place, but also dark.

6. Cantaloupe

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Melon loses its antioxidant properties when kept in the fridge, a mistake that is quite common to make. The same goes for watermelon.

7. Cured cheeses

Most cheeses need low temperatures to preserve, unlike cured ones. Even if they are placed in a refrigerator, they can be parched and cracked.

8. Bananas

Bananas don’t get along in the cold, and the same goes for other tropical fruits, which should all keep at room temperature.

9. Honey

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The components of honey allow it keep very well outdoors, so it is not necessary to put it in the refrigerator, where it can crystallize.

By knowing which foods are best preserved in the refrigerator and which are not, you will be able to act for their better preservation, which will affect the quality of your diet and, consequently, your health.


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