9 snacks to speed up your metabolism

9 snacks to speed up your metabolism

The antioxidants present in dark chocolate help against free radicals

A healthy and delicious way to speed up your metabolism It is through the consumption of certain snacks which, as you will see below, have specific aspects that are useful for your body. Here we tell you more about them.

one. Apple with almond cream

According to an article on the López Dóriga portal, this appetizer is low in calories, and also provides important vitamins for the body, which feels fuller for longer as almonds alter the glycemic index of the apple.

two. Celery with jocoque

The jocoque is a healthy and protein-rich dairy. For its part, celery has a low glycemic index, and is a carrier of fiber.

3. Dried meat with chili

Dried meat has no carbohydrates, but it is an important source of protein. Its flavor can be more pleasant if you accompany it with lemon or chili.

Four. Turkey rolls with cucumber

Cucumber has a lot of water, and turkey rolls are a very important source of protein.

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5. Carrot with hummus

An aperitif with a very low glycemic index. While carrots provide your body with vitamin A, hummus will help you absorb many vitamins and minerals.

6. Cucumbers with panela cheese

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Is a appetizer full of vitamins that will satisfy your hunger until dinner. One way to eat it is as if it were a sandwich: cut the cucumber slices, and in the middle you place the panela cheese.

7. Edamames

Edamames can be eaten cold, and they have a very pleasant taste. It is preferable that you prepare them steamed, and don’t eat more than 1 cup of these.

8. Box of dark chocolate with six almonds

A square of chocolate is enough to absorb the healthy fats of Omega 3. Dark chocolate also has antioxidants that will act against wear caused by free radicals.

9. Dehydrated kale with 1 serving of pistachios

Kale is a vegetable that helps in liver cleanse given its amount of vitamins and antioxidants. For its part, pistachios have fats that help in the preservation of mental health.

How the other foods, these snacks will be harmful to your Health if you consume them in excess. In this sense, the variety in terms of snacks and nutrients is paramount and what you have to always keep in mind when shaping your diet.

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