A 106-year-old woman includes Big Macs as part of her longevity diet

La centenaria Dorothy Nedd disfrutaba de la Big Mac después de ir a la iglesia los domingos.

Centennial Dorothy Nedd enjoyed the Big Mac after church on Sundays.

Photo: Ready made / Pexels

A diet rich in the consumption of fruits and vegetables is characteristic of centenarians, such as those who live in the Blue Zones. However, some of those over 100 years of age have also included in their diet one of another food and drink considered unhealthy.

Dorothy Nedd, is a South Philadelphia woman who celebrated her 106th birthday last Friday. In an interview for Fox 29, he attributed his long life to faith, “Serving the Lord!” ned too recognized that McDonald’s Big Mac burgers were part of his diet.

Zulema, Nedd’s granddaughter, said that every Sunday, her grandmother used to take her to church and later they went to McDonald’s, where she spent a long time buying Big Macs.

Fast-food hamburgers didn’t seem to be the staple of Dorothy’s daily diet, enough to increase her risk of heart disease. The centenarian said she felt good.

At 106 years old, Dorothy is a great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother, lives in the house of a daughter and is cared for by her granddaughter Zulema. Now, more than going to McDonald’s, the elderly woman misses her family, who before the pandemic came every weekend to visit her instead of making FaceTime calls.

Dorothy isn’t the only centenarian to include an unexpected item in her diet for longevity. In October of last year Margaret Dilullo, a 106-year-old Pennsylvania woman, told Today Health that she drinks Yuengling Lager beer every day.

Margaret doesn’t remember when she started drinking beer, only that it has always been the same brand, as she says she likes the drink’s “slight bitter taste” that she can’t find in other beers. In response, the brewing company surprised the woman with a truck full of cases of beer.

In 2018, a 100-year-old woman also said she drank beer daily. Matilda Curcia told NBC 7 San Diego that I had a beer and three fries every night. Matilda assured the media that she was in good health: “I have no pain and I do my exercises every day. And I drink my beer. Like my fries. That’s it”.

High consumption of junk food and alcohol are not promoted as a secret to longevity, as they tend to promote life-shortening diseases. However, some centenarians like those mentioned above, reveal to have enjoyed them moderately.

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