A 12-core configuration for the iMac Pro 2 processor?

iMac concept

According to a rumor shared once again by @dylandkt on Twitter, Apple was preparing several versions of its upcoming second-generation iMac Pro. One of them would be equipped with the M1 Max chip, which some buyers have already been able to test in the new MacBook Pro with notch. On the menu: a ten-core CPU and a 32-core graphics card, for 400 GB of memory bandwidth.

But if that was not enough, the informant also reports that the manufacturer has thought of an even more efficient component than this one. It would be a chip with 12-core CPUwithout the GPU data being known at this time.

All-in-one business

For @dylandkt, the codename for this machine would therefore be “iMac Pro” internally. And it wouldn’t be for nothing, since Apple would indeed aim to direct this article to a affluent public and/or who seeks to obtain a real return on investment. Graphic designers, editors and other videographers thus seem to be the core target of the brand.

Big screen, small size

Of course, we still only have clues at this stage. But a technical characteristic already makes almost everyone agree: that of the diagonal. Indeed, Apple still offers an iMac of 27 inches but this is the edition with the old domed aluminum shell, on the end. The new iMac with M1 chip, on the other hand, is slimmer, but only sold in 24 inches.

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This therefore suggests that the next iMac Pro will be equipped with a 27-inch panel. Better still: we can perhaps decorate it withexternal screens with several diagonals to choose from, in line with the Pro Display XDR.

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