a 128-core chip with 256 GB of RAM?

Mac mini M1

When Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pros in October, their performance was critically acclaimed. The velocity of the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips offered in the range was also quickly confirmed by benchmarks carried out as soon as the devices were released in the store, with scores well beyond what the M1 – yet already very efficient – had been able to get previously.

However, we know that it will not be the last SiP (system in package) designed by Cupertino, far from it. The firm indeed announced at the Worldwide Developer Conference of 2020 that all of its machines will run thanks to its own chips, and the Mac Pro, for example, has not yet been entitled to it. Speculations are therefore rife about them …

Record in sight

And precisely, Twitter users who looked at the “real” M1 Max chip (after boning a MacBook Pro) noticed that if it largely resembled the images shown by Apple during its keynote, a difference notable remains. This is an element installed on the side of the processor, which would in fact be used to connect it to other components of the same size.

It did not take more for the Internet users at the origin of this discovery to believe that Apple plans to solder several M1 Max together in order to obtain a motherboard of staggering power. Their calculations thus rely on up to forty-eight cores for the CPU, one hundred and twenty-eight for the GPU and 256 GB of RAM. For comparison, the best current M1 Max is “limited” to ten cores for the CPU against thirty-two for graphics and 64 GB of RAM at most.

Eventual calendar

Impossible to know if this solution is indeed in the boxes at Apple, nevertheless several computers of the mark could soon point the end of their nose with such capacities. If the MacBook Air that Mark Gurman recently mentioned is probably not the target of such feats, the Mac Pro also seen in his predictions seems on the contrary to be the ideal candidate.

MacBook Pros, an iMac with a twenty-seven-inch diagonal display and (again) a Mac mini are also reportedly set to hit the market in 2022.

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