A 21.5% wider wide-angle for the iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Max concept

The iPhone 14 Pro, which should arrive in September, is expected to ship a 48MP wide-angle. Information from several leaks published on social networks and intended for investors in recent weeks. To achieve this result, Apple would have planned smaller pixels. We would then go from 1.9 μm for the iPhone 13 Pro to 1.22 μm with its successor, according to a new index straight from China.

Another change, this time major: the aperture would go from ƒ/1.5 to ƒ/1.3, or 21.5% difference. This will then make it possible to capture more light when shooting, but with a disadvantage: that of the size. It is therefore likely that the future mobile will be heavier than before, even if it will always remain lighter than a real camera.

Benefit for users

In addition, thanks to its higher resolution, the iPhone 14 Pro will be able to capture much more detail. A criterion of choice, which will be particularly appreciated for scenes of urban landscapes in particular by night when lighting is dim or sparse.

These data seem to match those shared by Ming-Chi Kuo, who also explained in a fairly recent tweet the reasons behind the overweight smartphone. The analyst’s estimates are particularly renowned among AAPL shareholders, which is confirmed by his score of 72.5% of proven predictions since January 2020.

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Source Reliability

Of course, these figures still need to be considered with tweezers, especially when we know that the account Weibo who shares them is relatively unknown to the battalion. The Chinese social network is often compared to Twitter and, just like on the blue bird platform, some informants reveal their secrets about the apple brand.

If this technical sheet is proven, this would signify considerable progress for Apple which is limited to 12 MPx for too long now (since the iPhone 6s, released in September 2015). Enough to slowly catch up with the competition, closely scrutinized by the market. As in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which with its 108 MPx is at the top of the basket.

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