A brighter, more durable display coming soon to iPad


Samsung is currently developing a brighter OLED display than its previous components for iPads. This is reported by the often well-informed South Korean media on this subject. The Electric, after having already issued several major rumors concerning Apple products. Not all of them have yet been confirmed, but the reliability of the source allows the index to be taken into account.

This announcement, however, comes as Apple recently canceled a major order for slabs that the chaebol was to supply it, as these did not correspond to its very strict standards. It is also not the only subcontractor to undergo the requirements of Apple: Foxconn must also comply, but rather for social reasons.

Better autonomy

Among the advantages of the display being manufactured by Samsung, we would therefore find above all an increased luminosity making daytime and outdoor use more efficient. Convenient, for designers and others nomadic photographers.

But that’s not all: in fact, The Electric reports that it would also be a question here of proposing a material well more sustainable in time. However, we know precisely that this question is particularly topical at a time when the subject of recycling is one of the major concerns of the IPCC. It would therefore be a major asset to help Apple get closer to its goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

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For which model?

However, it is impossible to know which tablet will be entitled to this new screen for the moment. Apple’s schedule looks set to give us a fifth-generation iPad Air next week, but it’s probably already ready and in the boxes. Maybe for one iPad Pro, later in the year in this case? This would not be surprising: the most serious advantages of the range often land on this collection before the others.

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