A bug makes it impossible to update apps on iPhone

Apple App Store

It is on Twitter that many users have complained about an issue on the App Store. The latter say they no longer have access to the update button for their application within the Apple download platform. It seems, moreover, that it is impossible to solve the problem by doing a simple restart of the iPhone.

While waiting for Apple to correct this problem, there is still a fallback solution for users affected by this bug, it is the “update all” button which still works and allows it to keep the latest versions of its software. favorite applications on his iPhone.

At the moment, it’s unclear where the bug is coming from. The latter seems to affect a large number of iPhone users, but this proportion is not known. Some of them have already seen their problem resolved, with the update button miraculously reappearing when the App Store reopens.

A well-known bug

But in reality, it seems that the problem has already existed for years on the platform of the Cupertino company. Four years ago, a forum around Apple developers already referred to this problem without Apple ever providing any viable solution over time.

The only remedy for this bug therefore seems to be patience. The problem exists and is known, but it seems very difficult for Apple to fix it once and for all, leaving users with no solutions.

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