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It’s an embarrassing investigation to say the least for Apple. This week, The Information published an article according to which Tim Cook would have signed a major contract with the Chinese government in 2016. The Cupertino company would then have committed to invest 243 million euros on the spot over the next five years.

As a result, the company would then have promised the use of more components of Chinese origin and a direct investment in national technology companies. In exchange for this, the regime would allow the company to develop without hindrance on the spot and would give it a better brand image.

“A form of McCarthyism for American companies”

As one can imagine, these revelations caused a lot of reaction, especially in the context of rivalry between the United States and China. the Global Times, a daily that supports the communist regime, defended the investment of the brand in the apple in an article. According to the Middle Empire media, the investigation is purely and simple ” political correctness and sinophobia »Currently at work across the Atlantic.

the Global Times Then drives the point home: “Forcing American companies to decouple from China is to force them to decouple opportunities and gains. It is a form of McCarthyism for companies ”.

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The newspaper also questions the investment of 275 billion dollars made by Apple. According to him, if such an amount had actually been spent, it would not have failed to attract attention.

Be that as it may, this affair is undoubtedly far from having come to an end. In any case, we can see that Apple’s business is doing very well in China. The Cupertino company even became the first brand of smartphones on site during the last quarter, a result that had not occurred since 2015.

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