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Do you work in the field of SEO and are you looking for a complete netlinking platform to centralize part of your campaigns for purchasing articles and SEO links? If you haven’t heard of Ereferer yet or just want to learn more about this platform, this article should interest you.

Presentation of Ereferer

Launched in 2014 by Emmanuel Higel, an SEO with more than 15 years of experience in SEO, French netlinking platform Ereferer is a sponsored link and article buying platform offering a very interesting quality / service / price ratio.

With more than 21,000 blogs and more than 300 referenced directories, the French and international catalog of Ereferer is well supplied and will allow any SEO, whatever the sector of activity in which he operates, to find for sure interesting spots for his netlinking strategy on the market French and international.

If you want to have a quick overview of the platform in video, here is the official presentation video:

How does Ereferer stand out from other netlinking platforms on the market?

1 – Lower prices than the competition, at an equivalent site

Defining itself as “the most complete and cheapest netlinking platform on the market”, Ereferer offers many sponsored articles from blogs equivalent to those referenced on other platforms sometimes up to 2 to 3 times less expensive than these other platforms.

How is it possible ?

For three main reasons:

  • The payout rate of the platform (part of the purchase price which is returned to the owner of the site): the platform pays a larger part than its competitors to the partner without taking too large a commission per item.
  • Upstream pack negotiation : the platform negotiates packs upstream with blogs in order to pull unit prices down for its customers.
  • The accompaniment : the advertiser is independent in the management of his campaigns from the platform, the fact that there is no support strictly speaking thus makes it possible to reduce the total cost.

You have a doubt ? Do not hesitate to create an account on several platforms and compare prices, there is a good chance that you will find the same sites open to sponsored partnerships with prices varying sometimes from single to double.

2 – The platform offers all possible drafting options

Whether you have an in-house writer who can handle the writing or you want to outsource the article to the site owner or the platform itself, all of these writing options are offered by Ereferer. Of course, the price per item will not be the same depending on the option selected.

Here is a summary of these different writing options and their respective advantages:

  • Writing by the partner / owner of the site : in this case, it is the owner of the site himself who takes charge of the writing, the guarantee that the article is published is therefore almost total since the latter will ensure that it corresponds perfectly to his editorial line.
  • Writing on your side : if you have internal resources or if you want to write the article yourself, you can send the article in .doc format directly to the platform. This option allows you to fully control the content that will be published with your link, it is also a way to save on the cost of writing the article and to control your deadlines yourself.
  • Written by Ereferer : the platform offers an integrated editorial service which makes it possible to very easily outsource the writing of the article while respecting the precise instructions imposed by the owner of the site or by the advertiser. An additional option allows you to proofread and correct the article before transfer to the partner and publication. The drafting time varies according to the number of orders already in progress but it varies between 1 day and 1 week.

3 – The possibility of making group purchases to lower the cost of your campaigns

Although the prices charged by Ereferer are already attractive at the outset, the platform offers on its interface a group purchase option which allows two advertisers to share the cost of a sponsored article.

This option implies that the main advertiser publishes a grouped purchase offer with a brief so that a third-party advertiser, in a similar theme, can join him to share together the price of the item while each having a link. which redirects to the page or site of their choice.

To find out more about this option, we invite you to consult the dedicated video which presents a very concrete example of use:

4 – A 100% self-service platform

Although not all netlinking platforms on the market offer automatic support for their clients as part of their netlinking strategy, with Ereferer, the client is free to browse the catalog on their own and manage their campaigns independently. .

The platform is therefore more intended for SEOs already knowledgeable in netlinking.

How does buying a sponsored article work on Ereferer?

1 – Create an account

ereferer registration account creation

The first step is of course to create a free account on https://fr.ereferer.com/

2 – Credit your account

refer to credit account

Once your account is created and your email has been validated, you will then need to credit your account with the amount you wish to invest in various sponsored articles either by bank transfer (minimum 100 euros), by Paypal or via Stripe.

3 – Browse and identify potential sites for your netlinking campaign

refer to find a site

Your credit available on the platform, all you have to do is search and identify potential partner sites and blogs.

To find the sites that interest you in the database of more than 21,000 referenced sites, go to the section “Quick purchase” -> “Find a site”.

Many criteria are available to you in order to refine the results:

  • Category / sector of activity
  • Tongue
  • Trust Flow (Majestic indicator)
  • Monthly traffic
  • DA (Domain Authority of Moz.com)
  • Price / item
  • Presence or not in Google News
  • Type of anchor accepted by the site (optimized / semi-optimized / de-optimized)
  • Search by keyword / url

4 – Analyze the information available on the selected sites

ereferer kpi indicators site selection

Once the criteria of your choice have been added and the list of sites updated according to them, all you have to do is analyze the different metrics and information available on the different sites to then finalize your selection and move on to the order taking step (you can put sites in “favorites” to create your selection of relevant sites for your campaign step by step).

Here is an overview of the information that you can find on almost all of the referenced sites:

  • The addition or not of the mention “partner” on the article once published
  • The publication rate
  • The average publication time after order
  • Monthly visits
  • Unique monthly visitors
  • Monthly traffic from Google
  • Topical trust flow (Majestic)
  • Trust Flow (Majestic)
  • Citation Flow (Majestic)
  • Number of referring domains
  • Max number of links accepted / article
  • Minimum word count / article
  • Number of images per item

5 – Place an order by selecting one of the proposed modes

options command link referrer

Once you have made your selection, all you have to do is place an order by choosing one of the 4 available order options:

  • Writing by Ereferer,
  • Submission of your finalized article ready to be published,
  • Writing by the webmaster,
  • Group purchase (slower ordering method).

Depending on the option selected, the platform will ask you to complete a form to finalize the order. Once this step is validated, all you have to do is wait (or go in search of your future spots).

This article was written in a sponsored partnership with Ereferer

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