A concept of bracelet-camera for Apple Watch that leaves perplexed

concept apple watch caméra

If the idea of ​​introducing a camera on an Apple Watch is not new, it seems to have given some envy. Many Apple smartwatch users have asked the Apple brand to introduce a small sensor on the device. If their words were not heard by the Cupertino company, Wristman has just proposed a concept that could satisfy them, or not.

If the rendering is not the most aesthetic, it has the advantage of being efficient. Indeed, this new bracelet has all the attributes to make a good camera. An 8 MP main sensor facing outwards, and an imposing 2 MP sensor above the watch for photos in “selfie” mode. Everything is present with 8 GB of storage which allows to keep nearly 2000 photos and 1 hour of video according to the company behind the concept.

An idea that makes sense

The Apple Watch is one of the last Apple products that does not yet have a camera integrated. If the presentation of the brand new Apple Watch Series 6 a few weeks ago brought certain novelties, especially in the field of health, the Apple Watch does not seem in a hurry to acquire a camera. However, the apple brand has been working on this project for a long time. Indeed, during the summer of 2019 a patent filed by the Cupertino company came to prove the interest that Apple has in adding a camera to an Apple Watch. An idea, which remains at the project stage for the moment.

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