A day in Fundy National Park

A day in Fundy National Park

We continue our discovery of the Bay of Fundy with the Fundy National Park. A true maritime jewel with its plunging waterfalls, lush forests, cliffs, picturesque views of the Bay of Fundy, covered bridges and hiking trails. A family park that offers a multitude of activities as well as hikes for all levels. Here is the story of our day in Fundy National Park.

First, Fundy National Park

Located 85km from Moncton, Fundy National Park is a protected area on the rugged shores of the Bay of Fundy. It is a true maritime jewel. Whether driving, hiking, biking or kayaking, Fundy National Park brings us closer to nature. With its more than 100 km of hiking trails, it offers beautiful and long hikes for all levels. It also offers scenic lookouts on the Bay of Fundy and on various parts of the park such as the Point Wolfe Estuary. Finally, Fundy Park is home to many animals including birds, moose, beavers, deer, bullfrog (frogs), great blue herons and Atlantic salmon from the Bay of Fundy.

Access to Fundy National Park costs $ 7.90 per person (ticket valid for 24 hours). As it is a national park, it is included in the Parks Canada Discovery Annual Pass ($ 69.19).

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Our day in Fundy National Park

Morning: Dickson Falls, Point Wolfe Covered Bridge then fog

We start this day quietly in Fundy National Park with Dickson Falls. An easy 1.5 mile trail leading to some beautiful waterfalls.

covered bridge fundy park new brunswick

We will then see the emblem of the park: Point Wolfe. A covered bridge dating from 1992. The Le Havre trail (1km) offers a superb view of the bridge. At the foot of the covered bridge, is the difficult level West Coast trail. A 6.7 km hike offering magnificent views of the Bay of Fundy. Unfortunately, just before leaving for this hike a thick fog descends on the park. Visibility is very poor. We have to change our plans, exit the West Coast Trail, Cap Matthews and Anse Herring Beach. We go to the other side of the park where the fog is not present. And yes that’s also the Bay of Fundy: a climate changing at great speed V.

Afternoon: Laverty Falls, l’Orignal and Caribou Plain

Laverty Falls Fundy Park New Brunswick

original trail fundy park new brunswick
original trail fundy park new brunswick

So for the afternoon, head for the western sector of the park. We take the unpaved Chemin Laverty road to get to the starting point of the Chutes Laverty, l’Orignal and La Fourche trails. We start by following the Laverty Falls trail (medium level), 2.5 km of steady descent to a cascading water mainsail. A beautiful waterfall with a pool in which it is possible to bathe. When we arrive at the waterfall, we have 2 choices: go up the same path or follow the l’Orignal trail (difficult level). Finally, Elodie goes up the same way and I follow the l’Orignal trail. The trail begins by skirting the Broad River for 2.6 km and then plunges very steeply into a forest of spruce, birch and maple trees (2.2 km). A really nice hike although I didn’t see any moose.

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caribou plain park fundy new brunswick

We then continue with the Plaine du Caribou trail. A 2.1 km flat loop around a peat bog and in a forest of fir, birch and beech trees. The trail takes its name from a herd of caribou that lived there in… 1907. Needless to say, no caribou were seen. It would be possible to see beavers and moose here but we did not.

Late afternoon: Laverty Lake, Bennett Lake and Wolfe Lake

lake laverty park fundy new brunswick

bennett lake fundy park
wolfe lake fundy park new brunswick

At the end of the afternoon, we try to see wild animals in the lakes where we have the most chance to see them. Laverty Lake (beavers), Bennett Lake (beavers, moose, bullfrogs) and Wolfe Lake (beavers, moose). Unfortunately without success. However, the lakes are very beautiful and the red chairs at Parc Canada are quite comfortable.

What else to do in Fundy National Park?

A multitude of activities are offered in Fundy National Park: mountain biking, golf, swimming in lakes, swimming in a heated saltwater pool, fishing, kayaking and multi-day hikes (Fundy Trail 48km, Dobson Trail 58km or Fundy Footpath 64.3km).

Where to sleep to discover Fundy National Park?

Fundy National Park has 5 campsites front-country, several back-country campsites, rustic cabins, yurts, oTENTik tents and Ôasis bubbles. As we were in an autonomous RV, we stayed on a freecamp just outside the western sector of the park (here). 3 sites on the shores of Grassy Lake.

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If you don’t want to camp, I advise you to sleep in Alma to be right next to the park. In that case :

  • Alma Shore Lane Suites & Cottages : Beautiful double rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning, wifi, patio and barbecue right next to the park, from $ 178 per night with free cancellation.

In conclusion, my opinion on this day in Fundy National Park

1 day in Fundy National Park

Even though the weather was not good with us on this day in Fundy National Park, I really liked this park. There are beautiful and difficult hikes to do as well as varied landscapes (coasts, forests, lakes,…). I think that 2 days are necessary to discover the park. Enough to even have time for a swim in the heated saltwater swimming pool or for a round of golf. Finally, remember that in the Bay of Fundy, the weather changes quickly and if the weather is not sunny in the eastern part of the park, it can be sunny in the western part.

What did you do in Fundy National Park?

Next stop on our 2-week road trip in New Brunswick:

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