A day on Lamèque and Miscou Islands in New Brunswick

A day on Lamèque and Miscou Islands in New Brunswick

New stop on our road trip in New Brunswick, Lamèque and Miscou Islands. A set of small islands bordering Acadia where life is good in harmony with nature. We take you to discover some of the most surprising spots in the heart of these 2 islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Ready for the adventure?

How to reach the islands of the Acadian Peninsula from Mont Carleton Park?

During our visit, Route 180 which links Mount Carleton Park to the city of Bathurst was closed due to construction. We therefore had to make a big detour by joining Saint Quentin to follow route 17 before joining the 134 at Campbellton to arrive in Bathurst. We will make a technical “locksmith” stop there before resuming the road to reach the islands of Lamèque and Miscou.

On the Caraquet road, we will make 2 stops: a viewpoint on the river with a small beach at Pokeshaw and a photo session in front of the beautiful Grande Anse lighthouse, the emblem of Acadia.

Grande Anse Lighthouse New Brunswick Canada
Lighthouse Grande Anse Acadie New Brunswick Canada

We will pass quickly through Caraquet. The Grains de Folie bakery, famous throughout the city, is unfortunately closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. We will take advantage of the marina parking lot to park our RV and enjoy an ice cream at the Quai creamery, in front of the superb fishing boats.

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Port Shippagan Miscou Lameque New Brunswick

It is finally at the end of the day that we will cross the Shippagan bridge, the last town before the islands of Lamèque and Miscou, to join our free camp for the day.

Visit the Lamèque and Miscou Islands in one day

While sleeping on the islands, we decide to reach the furthest point, the Miscou lighthouse, and then quietly descend to Shippagan. Allow a big half-day to enjoy it.

First, the Miscou lighthouse

It is the northernmost point of the islands. This pretty 23 m high lighthouse overlooks the Golf du Saint Laurent. Mythical by its location and its history, it is also the territory of hundreds of mosquitoes that await tourists all day. Mosquito repellent recommended before leaving the vehicle! It is possible to climb to the top of the lighthouse, but the $ 12 fare kept our feet on the ground.

Miscou Lighthouse Road trip New Brunswick

Frye Lake

A small space to park, a 10m boardwalk and an observation platform, here is what awaits you to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake from the main road. Not exceptional, of course, but always nice to take the time to observe nature and more precisely the endemic birds of the region.

Lac Frye Road trip New Brunswick
Vue Lac Frye Road trip New Brunswick

The Tourbière footbridge

With a small parking lot for parking, this footbridge makes a loop in the middle of one of the largest peat bogs on the island of Miscou. While walking the path and the mini observation tower, we learn more about this fragile ecosystem and representative of the region. A short walk accessible to all.

Passerelle de la tourbiere Road trip New Brunswick

Wilson’s Point, a must-see on Lamèque and Miscou Islands

Do not hesitate to leave the main road to follow this long road which winds in the middle of nature. The landscapes are magnificent. You don’t expect to find a small group of houses right by the water with pretty deserted beaches.

Do not hesitate to go all the way to the left to reach the boat landing stage. The beach is even prettier!

Wilson s point Road trip New Brunswick
Stand Up Wilson Point Road trip New Brunswick

The Church of Sainte Cécile on the island of Lamèque

Just after the Miscou bridge, we leave the main road to join the 313 and discover the very original Sainte Cécile church. From the outside, a beautiful white and blue church, inside, a very colorful decoration from floor to ceiling. The result of a crazy idea by one of the priests of the church in the 60s. As you approach, you will notice that everything seems to be done with a spray paint! Precursor for the time!

Sainte Cecile Church New Brunswick Canada
Eglise Sainte Cecile Miscou Road trip New Brunswick

Discovering the eco-park, a great discovery on the Lamèque and Miscou islands

Completely free, this little walk in the ecopark will take you sometimes on a superb boardwalk above the Marois, sometimes in the heart of a superb forest of firs and pines. The walk combines views of the peat bogs and explanations of the birds living in the park. A nice little discovery in the heart of nature.

Eco park Passerelle Miscou Lameque New Brunswick
Miscou eco park footbridge Lameque New Brunswick
Heron Miscou Lameque New Brunswick

Shippagan’s Phrase and its landscaped promenade

Head to the city’s aquarium, not to observe the animals but to discover the Shippagan lighthouse which faces the water, as well as the staging that surrounds it. We will learn more by questioning a local painter who presents his works at the foot of the lighthouse. We now know how lobster traps work (it’s about time!). Finally, we will take the time to take a few steps on the passage arranged at the edge of the water. The view is splendid.

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Lameque Shippagan Miscou Lighthouse New Brunswick

Other activities to discover in the Lamèque and Miscou islands

On the islands, it is also possible to pick your own strawberries in season in the town of Lamèque, discover the sculpture trail near Petite-Lamèque and enjoy the various beaches on the islands.

Where to sleep in the Lamèque and Miscou islands?

Although the islands are still quite populated, the accommodation offers are not that many. Here are some suggestions:

  • Motel and Camping Colibri : one of the best campsites in the area and certainly the most famous with its outdoor swimming pool.
  • Tourist house Dugas : a guest house with colorful rooms from $ 129 per night. We appreciate the terrace and the barbecue to meet other travelers.
  • Auberge De La Baie : very close to the historic Acadian village, this small Caraquet inn offers Queen rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning and wifi from $ 137 per night with free cancellation. Don’t miss life from the garden.

A Free Camp just for us at the foot of the bridge

As we were completely autonomous with our RV, we found a free camp at the foot of the bridge that connects Lamèque to Miscou. It is the 1st dirt road on the right at the bottom of the point when you go to Miscou. It is right in front of the Terrasse à Steve restaurant and below the bridge.

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We met a few fishermen at the end of the day but we were ultimately the only ones sleeping there. The sunset and sunrise as well as the view are amazing.

Miscou Island Bridge New Brunswick Canada

It is not allowed to sleep at the Miscou lighthouse, many signs will remind you of this. On the other hand, we saw several vehicles parked along the road, in different spaces at the water’s edge, without any sign. But given the invasion of mosquitoes at the lighthouse, we do not know what is happening in these spaces.

Next stop on our New Brunswick road trip: A day in Kouchibouguac National Park.

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