A dream hotel in Ubud, between rice fields and relaxation


It is in Ubud that we end our trip to Bali. After the weddings of our friends Louise and Lake in Perth in Australia then in Seminyak in Bali, we take advantage of our last three days of vacation to discover Ubud. On the program for the last three days: rest, relaxation and relaxation.

B-Saya Villas, a dream hotel in Ubud!

For this last step, we decided to indulge ourselves by reserving a dream hotel in Ubud which would guarantee us real comfort, a breathtaking view of the rice fields and friendly equipment to ensure beautiful days of relaxation, by l ‘ occurrence including a pretty infinity pool.

For a rate of IDR 860,000 (around € 50) per night (breakfast included), B-Saya Villas quickly appeared to us as the dream hotel in Ubud that we would not even have hoped for! Located on the heights of Ubud, about 1.5 km from the center, the hotel offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding rice fields.

As soon as we arrive, an atmosphere of relaxation invades us. Soft music that calls for meditation, the welcome by adorable staff who offer us a welcome drink (a delicious strawberry virgin mojito), a breathtaking view of the rice fields far from the noise of the city center, a very beautiful swimming pool overflowing which faces it without any opposite, and the discovery of our room (Tijara) whose charm and ambient scent literally transport us. We are immediately seized by the desire to whisper in this place which inspires zentitude!


hotel-reve-ubud-B-Saya-Villas-swimming pool

Throughout these 3 days, we will also discover other quality services that will confirm this first impression… Among other things, a breakfast included in the price of the room, terribly generous and delicious, quality cuisine at a reasonable price , the recommendation of an absolutely top-notch massage institute (we will tell you about it below), a free and very practical shuttle service between the hotel and the center of Ubud, etc.

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For us, B-Sayas Villas is without a doubt the dream hotel in Ubud for all travelers who seek calm and quality of service. Moreover, it is probably one of the best hotels where we have been able to stay (I’m not even talking about the value for money) all trips combined.


Monkey Forest, the essential animal moment

We were strongly recommended to visit Monkey Forest, we were afraid of being a little disappointed, but on arrival we loved it!
For only 50,000 IDR per person (40,000 IDR for children), Monkey Forest offers you a nice walk of a good hour through a forest which now has more than 750 monkeys of all ages.
We took great pleasure in seeing these monkeys evolved in their nature, in contemplating the mothers and the youngest among them, the oldest also who make their laws reign.
It was a great moment of escape despite a certain density of tourists for some not very respectful of the place and the rules required at the entrances. In particular, it is clearly mentioned that you should not bring anything into the Monkey Forest (no food, no bottles, etc.) and that you must be careful not to leave sunglasses on your head, have a plastic bag with you. hand, or that you shouldn’t get too close to the monkeys … But to believe that we don’t all know how to read and understand things in the same way. No comment ! This did not prevent us from taking full advantage of this moment of escape in contact with the monkeys.

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An incredible massage at Sang Spa in Ubud

In Bali, massages are commonplace and their reputations are well established. In many street corners, we offer massage services at unbeatable prices compared to those practiced in France in institutes.
Since the start of our vacation in Bali, we had not yet had the opportunity to enjoy it. We were hoping to catch up in Ubud, which we were able to do largely thanks to the massages at Sang Spa.
We discovered this address through our hotel which recommended this institute to us. The least we can say is that we were not disappointed! After strolling through Monkey Forest, we went directly to Sang Spa to enjoy a 2 hour massage.
What we can say is that the quality of the massage was really good, as was the quality of the service offered.
We were thus greeted with a welcome tea, a questionnaire to define the expected level of massage and choose the fragrance of the associated treatments (mask, exfoliation, etc.), we were able to be massaged simultaneously in the same room, and ended with a hot water bath filled with local flower petals accompanied by tea and a plate of fresh fruit… the best! Not to mention that we only paid 420,000 IDR / person (€ 27 / person) for all this and that Sang Spa Ubud offers a free driver service to pick you up and drop you off at your hotel! We can therefore only recommend Sang Spa to those who would like to have a massage in Ubud.

Walk in the middle of the rice fields

During our stay in Ubud, we were also able to walk in the middle of the rice fields. For this, we recommend two parallel paths that are similar while also having their differences.
“Campuhan Ridge Walk” is the better known of the two. This path located on a ridge allows you to overlook the rice fields and the surrounding nature of Ubud. The second path is “Jalan Subak Sok Wayah” which allows you to be in the middle of the rice fields and the few houses that border them. It leads in particular to the Sari Organik restaurant where we were able to eat very good traditional dishes and buy real Balinese rice for only a few euros.

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As a bonus, we advise you to visit the various temples present on Ubud, in particular the royal palace (Puri Saren Agung) and another temple located on the main street (Puri Dalem Ubud). In the evening, you can also go to see a traditional dance performance which takes place in the grounds of the royal palace.


Practical information :

# Travel insurance :
– As with all our trips abroad, we preferred to play it safe and took out travel insurance from Chapka Assurance. We opted for the Cap Assistance formula 24 hours a day, which gives complete protection (eg 24 hour repatriation assistance, medical and hospital costs up to € 200,000, etc.), all for around € 50 per person for 15 days.

# Accommodation:
– As mentioned above, we stayed in a dream hotel in Ubud, theB-Saya Villas hotel located on the heights of Ubud (rue Jl.Suweta) in one of the rooms of Villa Rijasà, for a price of IDR 860,000 / night (around € 50), with breakfast included, swimming pool, free shuttle to center of Ubud (royal palace). We recommend this dream hotel 100 times, which was just amazing !!

# Activities:
– Entrance to the Monkey Forest costs IDR 50,000 / adult (€ 3), IDR 40,000 / child (€ 2.50).
– Our 2 hour massage at Sang Spa Ubud cost us 420,000 IDR / person (i.e. 27 € / person)

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