a drop in demand for the iPhone is a sham?

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With often spectacular quarterly results, Apple has absolutely nothing to worry about in the near future. This does not prevent some observers from scrutinizing the activity of the company to watch for a potential gain in additional growth, or certain difficulties. This information then guides investors and drives the stock price up or down.

Demand remains strong for new iPhone models

This Monday, the media Nikkei Asia thus expressed certain concerns for the Cupertino company in the second quarter with a drop in iPhone shipments and in particular of the 13 and SE models, all in connection with difficulties in China and “ external factors “. What generate a possible drop in demand for iPhone.

This finding does not make everyone agree and analysts at Bank of America have rightly decided to register against these gloomy forecasts. Experts believe that iPhone demand remains strong.

Moreover, analysts note that the Apple brand has lowered the recovery prices of certain models. This supports the idea that demand is still strong and that the tech giant does not need to convince its customers to exchange their old iPhones for new ones.

Finally, and this is again an argument in favor of the Apple brand: according to a global survey conducted in January, 25% of respondents had an iPhone 8 or earlier. And it is precisely towards this public that Apple is turning by releasing its new iPhone SE 3. Therefore, it is hard to imagine seeing demand decrease too long.

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